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If i can apply for GC how can i continue to work after next May? Any suggestions in this situation will be highly appreciated. You can file H4 EAD only when you have H4 status. An advance parole document authorizes you to appear at a port of entry to seek parole into the United States after temporary travel abroad. New company have to start GC from PERM Labor. For more information on derivatives and eligibility for adjustment of status, please see USCIS Policy Manual Volume 7, Part A, Chapter 6, Section C, Subsection C - Derivatives. They can’t ask you to pay for Labor processing, but I-140 and I-485 – Yes. Due to the demand and capped H1B quota, he is stuck in a low paying job where the required qualification is Bachelor’s. The next step in the Green Card process is I-140 Immigration Application. is it Ok if i take i-140 copy and change my employer? Hi Raghu, would you know the total processing for i140 to get approved? F17 – Child of an alien classified as F11 or F16. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thanks. If your H-1B wife have i-140 approved then you can apply for EAD starting May 26 2015 and pay 380USD and it would take 6-9mos for the processing to get approved EAD. But what if I will be promoted/moved to more technical position in the same group which requires Masters or Bachelor’s + 5 years of Experience? how many months? So if I move to Canada now, I can live & work there as a permanent resident. Conditional. Basically I am looking forward to go back to USA avoiding the H1B lottery scenario. The registry section of U.S. Migration law permits green cards for certain outsiders who have been true in the united states since 1972, without interference, regardless of whether they are currently undocumented. Ok, thanks for your response Raghu. 3. E26 – Professional holding advanced degrees or of exceptional ability. for you, talk to Attorney Murali via Ask an Attorney. My PERM is filed in Feb 2016. After what stage can one change jobs? Check the Visa Bulletin, if PD is current, you can file concurrently. My question is: I am currently working as TN visa in USA. GC processing? First preference (F1) - unmarried sons and daughters (21 years of age and older) of U.S. citizens; Second preference (F2A) - spouses and children (unmarried and under 21 years of age) of lawful permanent residents; Second preference (F2B) - unmarried sons and daughters (21 years of age and older) of lawful permanent residents; Third preference (F3) - married sons and daughters of U.S. citizens; and. Now my H1B got approved in Masters quota from 2013 OCt. Read details about Employment-Based Green Card Process. Exemption from the labor certification requirement can be obtained by aliens with exceptional ability in the sciences or arts (not business or the performing arts) who satisfy a series of established requirements. Thank you very much. Long wait times are due to the unavailability of Green Card Visa numbers. If PERM Labor is filed 365 before the H-1B visa Expiry date and still pending, H1B Visa can be extended in 1-year increments. Website address:  Hi I just need some peace of mind and not that i dont trust anyone.I Please can someone help me with this information.. Thought you could not get a green card with a E-2 Visa, Hi Raghu, It is a very good article….I have one question about my case. PERM – 6 Months approval time (DOL site) My EBI GC was filed and the priority date is 13-MAY-2109. F20 – Child of an alien classified as F24 or F29 (subject to country limitations). Is it possible? Is it possible for me to continue working? if you switch company, The new Employer B has to file Perm and i140 (but PD can be adjusted to the date of processing of Employer A). WIll it be possible to get the extension again? When you say they haven’t updated it since then, does it mean they haven’t processed any application since 6/30/2020? For more information on applying for a Green Card, see the Form I-485 instructions (PDF) (PDF, 539.23 KB) and our forms filing tips webpage. My employer filed for EB2, consular processing. Date of entry Date of exit US Stay Visa Type, 9-MAY-2010 19-FEB-2012 2 Y and 4 M L1B That’s a mistake! You can find the complete list below or on the U.S. I’m working in US on L1B and my spouse is on L2-EAD , both of us are planning to file H1 this year via Consultant. Now my son is working under H1B visa and the employer is starting his GC process under EB 3. The U.S. Will I be eligible under EB2 category through my above educational credentials ? Our attorneys have managed cases from clients all over the country and internationally. Next, we deal with the Department of Home Security (USCIS) for Stage 2 – I140, Then get The Ultimate Green Card Guide for H1B Visa and F1 Visa Applicants. The majority of applicants begin to learn the process only when their employer plans to apply for Green Card. I have a question. 2. Here is my question: Once my current employer labor is approved and when they do I-140 and going forward, can i use my previous employer priority date (December 12, 2012) or it is going to be deepened on my new labor certification? She asked me to provide a justification that why they should process sooner and they can take it from there. The priority date is the date that the PERM/Labor Certification Application was filed with the DOL (EB2 and EB3). I have a masters in computer science & pursuing an MBA degree & my firm is filing my g.c. Tadeo & Silva have years of experience navigating the Atlanta immigration court and can help you as you begin your Green Card application process. Conditional. You must submit the correct filing fee for each form, unless you are exempt or eligible for a fee waiver. Or does it mean they are working on wage level determination but the site is not yet updated? Oct 2016 Pending 485 data were published today. Thanks for the article Raghuram. I know Brazil doesnt have backlog for approvals so, do you have any idea of the average wait time to have a green-card in hand? That’s when folks apply for EAD. My I140 was approved couple of weeks back (April Third week) and my 485 has been transferred to a Benefits center before 2 weeks – for my interview being scheduled-, I now have a transfer within my company for the same Role,Same Nature of work , Same Designation and I have to move to a new state next week from my current state.I have went to the USCIS site and in my 485 petition number updated the address. 1. I’ve Master’s Degree. I will max out of 5 years July 2015. One last query: If my I-140 is already approved (i.e., if I’m already thru’ the second stage), then my PD will be retained when I change jobs – and in such a case revoking of I-140 by the ex-employer doesn’t matter, as I’ve already passed stage 2. If my company sponsors green card for me, can I move to H1b For Profit company after my I-140 is approved?

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