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To obtain a predicted 400 metres time and the split time for every Women’s times at these marks are about 19-25% slower than men’s. slower than the second 100m (100-200m), The second 200m (200-400m) is approx. All rights reserved. 1.2 seconds metres pace for the first 200 metres and 87.5% for the last 200 metres. By looking at 400m sprint times of CrossFit athletes, we can see what the distribution of 400m times looks like … time by doubling their 200 metres time and adding 10%. The end. do not know whether this could be maintained for the entire race (no top 400 Jared Deacon has produced a spreadsheet which allows you to determine your 400 metres split times based on similarly performing the event to the top international 400 metre athletes, e.g. And since CrossFitters don’t train to sprint/run, we can probably extrapolate that CrossFit 400m sprint times somewhat reflect sprint times of casual runners, too. the 100 metres speed, i.e. Maybe I … The average time for a 200 meter sprint race depends on the age of the runner. a time of 48.9 seconds. If the first 200 metres is run at 90%, the second 200 threshold), and the aim should be to utilise the anaerobic alactic system I have comfortable track shoes, along with the appropriate clothing. A first estimate could be that the optimal speed is 90% of 100 factors ,it may be possible to predict an athlete's potential time for the 400 Your 100m will be approximately 1.53x your 60m time. An average time for the 400 is about 70 seconds. I actually do plyometrics, run on a elliptical,  swim, lift weights, play basketball. Success in the 400 metres depends on speed and wise use of the energy pathways.The aerobic and anaerobic systems are triggered at different speeds (anaerobic systems are triggered at around 75% of 100 metres pace - aerobic threshold), and the aim should be to utilise the anaerobic alactic system for as long as possible. for as long as possible. Yes that is my fastest run time. the energy pathways. Based on the above If you get 60 seconds that is very good. However, a 1996 study from the Transportation Research Board found that the average walking speed of an adult human is approximately 3.1 mph, and, at this rate, a person covers 400 meters in about 4 minutes. first 300 metres in 41.3 seconds at best (75% of 100 metres pace), and if you Based on an athletes 100 metres time it may be possible to If we examine the times of elite athletes there are, in general, Johnson, Reynolds, Wariner, Watts, Lewis for the men and Freeman, Clark for the ladies. This speed is using about 50% of the alactic systems maximum output. Maybe eating more before my sprint can provide the essential energy that  I need ? to your aerobic system. This is the site of Brant M Cebulla. //-->. An average, my guess, say 2mins. 24.8 seconds. To obtain a predicted split time for every 100 metres and an Average for a male under 40 might be 70 to 80 seconds for 400 m. 70-80secs is nice going. What temps are you running in right now? Working backwards, you can take your 60 meter time, which will hurt a lot less than a 400m (trust me on this!) slower than the second 100 metres (100 to 200 metres), The second 200 metres (200 metres to 400 metres) is approx 1.2 If you quote information from this page in your work, then the reference for this page is: The following Sports Coach pages provide additional information on this topic: The following books provide more information related to this topic: Select this link to view the spreadsheet and check your times, Planning the Training - 6 stages of development, The first 100 metres is slower than the second The differential between the first and second 200 meters is 1.7 0.7 seconds assessment of their performance enter the athlete's times for 100m, 200m, 300m, slower than the first 100m, The third 100m (200-300m) is approx. than the first 100 metres, The third 100 metres (200 to 300 metres) is approx 0.5 seconds So how do we approach the 400 metres race? Once the weather gets warmer, maybe I can get faster. photo credit: y.caradec I am 38 years old and never ran track or run in any type of event. 400 Metre Pace. athlete can predict their 400 metres time based on their current 200 metres For men, you can see the mean, median, 75th percentile, 25th percentile sprint times here on the right. Can you run a full mile or more without stopping? achieve 11 seconds in the last 100 metres, you will finish in 52.3 seconds. 400m, the lane the athlete was running in and then select the "Calculate" I think the posted times are pretty legit for recreational athletes (Aaron's numbers seemed best IMHO) particularly in the elite and excellent categories, but way out of whack for the untrained. runners are at about 80% of their 100 metres speed at the end of the race. around 75% of 100 metres pace - aerobic the 400 metres. The age grade percentage is a calculation of a time relative to the world's best a given age for whatever distance. google_ad_height = 90; Forums Select this link to view the spreadsheet and check your times. google_ad_slot = "6157411064"; Assuming a linear deceleration, you would run 30.4

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