air force intelligence officer deployment

The role of an Intelligence Officer is varied and dynamic. You will usually work in a secure environment with a close knit, highly motivated team who are very mission focused. 5. Conducts information operations to include analysis of information vulnerability. Air Force Intelligence Officer 14NX MOS. Copyright © 2020 The Intel Officer is both responsible for protecting classified information as well as collecting data from external threats and understanding how to use that data. Air Force Intelligence Officers coordinate intelligence operations and are often compared to CIA agents or logistics officers. Not all work is done at the ground level. As well as the intital courses, at some stage during your career you will be required to complete the Intermediate Command Courses. This course prepares Air Force logistics readiness officers to execute the full spectrum of duties of an installation deployment officer (IDO) across the deployment/redeployment continuum. This will include the application of analytical thinking, analysis, preparation, co-ordination and implementation of intelligence functions associated with the conduct of Air Operations. Born and raised in Columbia, Maryland, he's currently a Computer Networks and Cyber-security student at the University of Maryland. This will include both web based applications as well as digital data libraries and tools. Thanks. As with most positions in the military, as you move up the rankings, some requirements and qualifications need to be met. Obviously, a Top Secret clearance is required with Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) to apply for special compartmentalized information as they will often work in conjunction the CIA, DIA and with intelligence agencies in other branches of the military. Training. are well-rewarded, as well as being diverse and exciting. Theories, principles, and application of the electromagnetic spectrum and the United States and foreign space systems and operating parameters, applications of intelligence information to support military operations, target materials, analysis, and weaponeering, mission planning, force application, and combat assessment must be learned. Typical time in the job for the Intelligence Officer is 12 years. We take care of the needs of those who serve. Not only can an Intel Officer analyze data, but they can also coordinate with other military branches and determine the capabilities and vulnerabilities of an adversary. To secure a job as an intelligence officer in the Air Force you’ll need to meet the following minimum requirements and qualifications. In the broader Intelligence Officer role you will be involved in functions such as the production of all-source intelligence products and the review and amendment of intelligence policy. Provides intelligence support and assists in planning and execution of information warfare. More of the following should be part of the daily ongoing education and learning capability of the Intel Officer: Education. U.S. Army Korea (Historical Image Archive)/Flikr/CC BY 2.0, All About Air Force 14NX - Intelligence Field Careers, How to Get Started in Air Force 1N0X1 - Operations Intelligence, Navy Commissioned Officer (INTEL) Job Description, A Great List of Army Job Descriptions for Military Intelligence, How to Get a Job in Military Intelligence as a Commissioned Officer, How to Get Started in Network Intelligence Analysis (1N4X1), Job Facts About Marine Corps Intelligence, Air Force Officer Job: 13BX Air Battle Manager, The Duties of Air Force Imagery Analysis (1N1X1) Positions, Get the Job Description for Air Force Airborne (ISR) Operator (1A8X2), Find Out Where the U.S. Air Force Technical Schools Are Located, Marine Corps Job: MOS 0207 Air Intelligence, How to Find an Air Force Aircrew Job Fit for You, Air Force Commissioned Officer Job Descriptions. Coordinates intelligence estimates and analytical activities. Job Detail. As you become more experienced and move up through the ranks, gaining additional skills and qualifications, you will see your salary rise accordingly. To give you a decent idea of the pay scale of an intelligence officer, below are the average monthly pay rates of Air Force officer rankings with less than two years of service. Manages and integrates collected intelligence information. OMK provides resources and content to young adults who are thinking about joining the US Armed Forces, but don’t know where to begin. If you qualify to become an Air Force Intelligence Officer, then you will have to complete the Intelligence Officer initial skills course.

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