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This bike is amazing in this price range.. Problem Don't buy Bajaj V15, number of issues faced - ZigWheels Forum I have visited almost all bajaj service centres of gu... Well i do have a two wheeler named bajaj v12. No tachometer. (Bajaj V12 gets a fat fuel tank, odd headlight). The only problem I had with the clocks were the tiny fonts that are hard to read when on the move. Riding experience is also good but give exhaust sound. I must add that engine refinement is far ahead of the V15s. Highly fit for daily commuters. Apart from these, V12 uses more utilitarian alloy-wheels (see pic of V12) and there are minor cosmetic differences like bar-end weights on the V12 are black in colour, the decals are slightly different, front forks have a cover etc. I am using other one passion pro which is much better than this v12. I made it run 1.6K kms till today.. The changes are subtle - new decals running straight down from the fuel tank to the side panel, new single, five-spoke alloy wheels, slimmer tyres and the lack of a front disc brake. We'll have to test the bike to figure how close they really are in terms of 0-60kmph times. You'll notice that the V12 gets conventional, 130mm diameter drum brakes on both wheels instead of a disc brake upfront. Still i didn't ridden on highways yet. With BikeAdvice, I try to share my small learnings with my brethren out there. Problem is, more than half of that overall sales number belongs to Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, courtesy the Honda CB Shine and the Honda CB Shine SP. The riding comfort is ultimate in this. The commuter is expected to appeal to buyers looking for a sturdy commuter offering efficient performance and distinctive styling. Great look, great pick up, 55 kmpl mileage in city and 57-60 kmpl on highway. All rights reserved. It has a good commuter bike. When i go for purchasing in different bike showrooms all bike are in basic look nothing special but finally i choose very different bike v12. Riding over broken roads, I was surprised with the ride quality. Visit Bajaj Auto official site online. Ask question not only for bikes but also regarding the website and get all the details. The 125cc engine is adequately powered, neither too much power (as that was my mother's major concern for safety of my ride), nor too less of power that my friends would make fun of me! Good balanced shocker (front wheel) & suspension (rear wheel), economical. the macho looks and the unique styling makes it stand out in the crowd and a second look is guaranteed for sure! The gears are short spaced and the torquey engine is suitably complemented by the meaty exhaust note. read our V15 vs Honda CB Unicorn vs Hero Achiever comparo. It runs around 50 kms in a litre. Its 125 cc engine gives you to great pick up and ride you with comfort. I owned this bajaj v 12 and happy from the day one i started to ride. Mileage is also not as expected .If you are daily commuter then it will be not suitable for you . speaking of the long rides, the seat on the v12 is ergonomic and very comfortable. Except mileage, nothing is good in this bike. When we talk about bike maintenance & services. Thank you. Yes, there is a wee buzz around the pegs and handlebars at speeds above 70kmph but before that it's pretty smooth. You can follow me on. Some even complaints frequent engine shut down. But this is only faint as nothing. They are tube type and Bajaj says that tubeless tyres will be offered later on. Smooth output in both shock absorbers is its excellence. I chose the classic black with red stripes. At the same time, the Honda offers as many as six different variants, but the base variant still costs a good Rs 3,000 more than the Bajaj V12. To counter this, Bajaj introduced the V12 to slot in between the... Then this bike design gave me feeling of cruiser without much cost.Design: excellent Weight; balanced Power; balanced Fuel efficiency; adjustable Meters; premium designComfort; best in segmentOverall; go for it and u won't regretThis is the best bike in this segment Thi... Third class bike i have used a ever after 1 year of use my v12 - engine creating problem , clutch plate dad ,chain dad . I surely suggest it for daily commuters travel above 50kms in 100 or 125cc bikes. I'd like to mention that I've purchased Bajaj v15 on dt. It looks different, has a nice engine and the ride quality is what's expected of a bike in this class. Bajaj V is more than just a bike. The repair cost of the Bajaj Product is.....Read More, Milage is not more than 40 km/ltr. Fewer gear changes also makes it a pretty stress free to commute on. We've always regarded the V15 as a bike that features a unique design and casting the V12 in the same mould gives it the ability to stand out among the current crop of 125cc  machines in India.The tank looks substantial,  and is easily one of the most eye catching elements on the bike. The V12's rivals like the Honda CB Shine and the new Hero Glamour get an optional disc brake. The new V12 makes owning a piece of history, even more affordable - Overdrive The engine is a single-cylinder, air-cooled 125 cc unit making 10 bhp at 7500 rpm and 10.3 Nm at 5500 rpm. As compared to the 120/80 section rear tyre of the V15, the V12 gets 100/90 – both 16 inchers. The Honda's strength though lies in very good build quality and overall fit and finish. But tubeless tyres is a big omission as we believe! i primarily use this motorcycle for my daily commute on the streets of mumbai which are a mix of smooth highways, small lanes, streets with pot holes of all shapes and sizes & those occasional water / oil spills on the road surface. Don't go on looks , performance also matters . The Bajaj V12 at Rs 56,283 (ex-Delhi) offers a unique proposition to the prospective 125cc buyer. Bajaj by forecasting its sales running with V15 (150cc motorcycle), has made an another Vikrant series motorcycle available in the showrooms. On an empty stretch, I managed to see 95 kmph on the speedo but again, we'll wait for a full road test to ascertain the true top speed. In terms of design, both the siblings look identical but they do carry some differences. Bajaj has been listening to feedback from V15 customers and has setup the V12 to offer a plush ride. In fact, the fat fuel tank makes the V12 look bigger than it actually is. We spend some time with both bikes to see if the Bajaj V12 has what it takes to take the fight to the Honda CB Shine SP. And when the road opened up, all I had to do was simply roll on the throttle and the bike surged ahead. It runs around 50 kms in a litre. i got this experience recently while i was riding in thane when i accidentally dropped my v12 while putting it on the stand, it suffered a few nicks but the local mechanic fixed them in a few minutes (i broke the mirror). It’s been 4 months and i have not a single issue with it. shivam 2019-06-12 0 Answer. The bike can do this all day and that's keeping in line with what the usage pattern of most commuters is like. The V12's air-cooled, single cylinder engine displaces 124.45cc and is BS-IV compliant. Best bike for bike rider who loves to ride a sporty look bike or bullet type bike. Just like the rear panel, the front mudguard is also finished in black which is body coloured in case of the V15. But the best bit about the buying a V motorcycle is owning  a piece of history. The repair was light on the pocket as well! I was able to potter around in fifth gear at 40kmph without a sign of protest from the engine. The thing that i liked about this bike is the speed gain between 0-60. So, take a moment to soak in that undeniable sense of pride as you take seat on a bike that epitomizes strength. As a result they have sold more than 2 lakh units of the 150 cc V15 so far. It's a close finish - the Bajaj V12 offers a completely "different" product with a slice of history in its name and the Honda CB Shine SP offers a practical performer with established credentials. Of course, you lose the refined high speed performance of the five-speed version, but you get everything else you would appreciate in the Honda. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So, despite the "unique" design language of the V12, this round certainly goes to the Honda CB Shine SP. However the bike gets narrower, 2.75x18 tyres upfront and a 100/90 x 16 tyre at the rear. Looks and Design For now, it's available in just one drum brake variant and that is priced attractively at Rs 57,003 (ex-showroom Delhi). (Honda CB Shine SP gets five-speed gearbox). The torquey nature of the engine was also evident when I got myself stuck in the chaotic traffic heading towards Hinjewadi, Pune's IT hub. The torque is strong in the low and mid-range and is quite helpful when you are negotiating traffic. It contains the metal of INS Vikrant, making it the embodiment of unshakable solidity. Named the V12 it has an engine capacity of 124.6cc air cooled engine with 11 PS of power at 8000 RPM and 10.8 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM and apparently due to reduction in the price, V12 lost few features as compared to V15. It's mated to a five - speed gearbox and the benefits of one more gear than the competition is evident at highway speeds, which I'll get to later.Since this is a commuter, the engine produces a major chunk of its torque in the low and mid-range. Highly fit for daily commuters. You are now the proud owner of the new Bajaj V15 / V12. 1 Answers. Of course, there's low beam, high beam and the accompanying basic indicator switches. Clarify all doubts for all bikes through FAQs page. Bajaj's new upcoming indian motorcycles are one of best motor bikes in india. For daily up-down. The pillion footrest holder, (step holder in Bajaj speak)  is also of the mild steel - tubular type instead of the aluminum units on the V15. However, once you're past that, the bike feels pretty confident tipping into corners. The Bajaj V12 was always in the pipeline, right from the time the V15 was conceptualised. Overall, the V12's design is identical to the V15 and you could be easily fooled into confusion between the two. Just the regular, washes, oil changes, filter cleaning and that should be good! well; as we all know that the bajaj v series came with the motto of giving the great indian warship 'ins vikrant' a new life! Our previous comparison test between the CB Shine SP and the V15 gave us a prime example of how small commuter bikes have started punching above their weight. Dimensionally, the Bajaj V12 is shorter, wider and lower than the V15. That's is pros & my buying experience was awesome because. 2021 Apache 200 is More Powerful Than Before; List of 6... Honda Repsol Engine Oil Launched for Honda Motorcycles & Scooters, Even 70 Year Olds are Buying CB350; Honda Completes 1000 Deliveries. However, if you're really on a tight budget then the base CB Shine (with the four-speed gearbox) offers an even more attractive option than the V12, at Rs 55,799 (ex-showroom Delhi). I always wanted to buy a cruiser but no money. Copyright © 2020 Overdrive - All rights reserved. It contains the metal of INS Vikrant, making it the embodiment of unshakable solidity. I owned this bajaj v 12 and happy from the day one i started to ride. It was only natural that the next obvious product would be to extend the V series and launch a downsized 125 cc with the same heritage brand marketing and butch looks which people seem to have warmed up to. (The top speed is 140 kmph). (Bajaj V12 gets quirky design, but looks muscular). Looks are subjective, and what appeals to many may not appeal to some, and vice versa. This bike has a very strong vibration at moderate to high rpm at every gear. I am a proud owner of the bajaj v12 motorcycle!well; as we all know that the bajaj v series came with the motto of giving the great indian warship 'ins vikrant' a new life! At just after 35 kmph, the vibration can be felt. Yes, the riding position and the way you sit on the bike with the handlebar spread out forward takes some getting used to. Great look, great pick up, 55 kmpl mileage in city and 57-60 kmpl on highway.

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