best places for senior trip out of country

13. Maybe even be a little more adventurous and take a bike ride through the jungle or explore a natural volcano. What this small island may lack in size it makes up for in sheer tropical beauty. 15. For an East Coast escape, Ocean City is a top choice for student travelers. This city is the best Italian destination for seniors because it’s a bit quieter than neighboring Italian cities like Florence, but you still get easy access to these fun spots for day trips. While that is certainly something you can do in Cape Town, it’s also home to plentiful vineyards. Escape the tourist crowds by taking a twilight stroll along the cobblestone streets of Trastevere, or head to Mercato Centrale Roma to sample local delicacies like gelato and pizza. And if you're up for the challenge, a hike through the surrounding Andes (especially Mount Fitz Roy, or Chaltén) will provide unforgettable views.


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Kids can take this (amazing) Vespa-style ride for trips around the block or down the hall. Honolulu - It’s really not hard to get seniors to agree that Honolulu, Hawaii, is one of the best senior trip spots, this island getaway famous for its eco-adventures, beachside activities, and local WWII history (not to mention it’s amazing shopping and eating opportunities!). Explore the canals in the Jordaan District on rented bikes and check out Keukenhof for priceless photographs. Christ the Redeemer and the shores of Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are only some reasons why you should plan a trip to Rio. (Note: Some of the below destinations may be affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Marvel at the kaleidoscopic waters of the Grand Prismatic Spring, catch the hourly show put on by the Old Faithful geyser, admire (from a safe distance) the roaming bison in the Lamar and Hayden valleys or simply relax with a picnic at Yellowstone Lake. Time your visit in February if you want to experience Carnival, though keep in mind that flights and hotels are expensive when this world-famous celebration takes place. Austin, Texas: Get mouth-watering BBQ from Franklin Barbecue and listen to live music at Parish. Each suitcase comes with a compass, water bottle, binoculars, travel diary, and treasure box. At Australia's Great Barrier Reef, you'll find more than 600 islands and 1,500-plus species of fish. To fuel your wanderlust even more, take a photo tour of the World's Best Places to Visit. 14. Your email address will not be published. Wisconsin offers plenty of secluded cabins and charming small towns perfect for traveling twosomes. Go sandboarding with your friends and visit the Great Pyramids. It’s also much more affordable than other options on the list, as it’s not a highly populated metropolitan area. Check out the historic countryside in Tuscany. Sydney also offers a long list of seasonal events, including concerts and food festivals. From mountain escapes to quaint small towns, a blissful trip for two is right around the corner. 9. New Orleans, Louisiana: Pack your bags and get a group together to travel to the party city of the south. Stay at Zero George for some southern hospitality and enjoy the Charleston architecture by roaming around White Pointe Garden. Santa Barbara, California: If you have been California dreaming lately, but don’t want the Hollywood buzz, then Santa Barbara is just for you. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. U.S. News rates the top travel insurance options, considering expert and consumer recommendations. For a relaxing daytrip, hop on a boat to Thirassia, then head to Amoudi Bay to watch the sun set while dining alfresco. Here, you can explore Fiordland National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Area, or gaze at the starry skies at Mount John Observatory.

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Spendy yes, but so cool (AKA grandparent gift? You may not realize, but Alaska is actually a really beautiful, unique national vacation spot. Come back and enjoy the culture, cuisine, and an out-of-this-world glass of wine to wind down. Although a trip to Bora Bora is very expensive, most travelers say it's worth every penny. Considered by many to be a rite of passage for any American, a visit to this national park in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming will leave you in awe of nature's power.

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