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See how much time you’re actually spending on certain games or track your stats and milestones with a video game spread. Make a list of lunch ideas and reference it when you’re meal prepping for the week. 23 Bullet Journal Ideas That Are Borderline Genius. Thanks for the list. This is great! It was a lot of work. I can only find my type of salad dressing at Publix and it drives me nuts! If you’re on a weight loss journey, this is a good ratio to track if you’re wanting to get in shape. Download the Printographic or watch the video below. Put your dreams on paper. I don’t know where to start. If you’re a football fan like me, you may travel to different places to see away games and bowl games. So many ideas. This is a fun spread to make every few years when the Olympics come around. Track your test, project, and assignment grades. Draw the dots and their corresponding letters! Are you already working but may change jobs in the future? But entering this week isn’t necessary with the hashtag since the giveaway this week is through the widget. Make a list of your all-time favorite books! I use the top section for my agenda (meetings, events, etc. I don’t know about you, but every time I see a new place in town I want to try it! THANK YOU. Make conference schedules and the companies (and people) you want to network with. Make a tracker to monitor how much time you’re actually devoting to learning your new hobby. Write down your estimated “fall asleep” time and then what time you wake up. Put some thought into your body art before you get inked. Anytime Chris. Write out what your ideal evening routine would look like and track the days you complete the full drill. Thanks for sharing , Thank you! It’s hard to keep up with your network. Love your work! When you come across recipe ideas, add them to this spread for easy reference. Try and make it interesting and track record-breaking numbers and weather phenomenons! Hopefully, you’ll start to notice a pattern for certain triggers and get them under control. ❤️. Track and schedule when you add chemicals and chlorine to your backyard pool. Write your ideal morning routine would look like and track the days you complete it. BTW, love your list! Write down how much caffeine you are drinking daily! Don’t think I saw this on your list? Or make a spread based on one concert you just went to — write out your favorite songs, moments, and memories from the show. Du suchst eine super einfache Anleitung zum Babysocken stricken? Jot down your favorites — you’d be surprised how often a quality song recommendation is needed. Keep track of your scheduled business meetings. It’s always a smart idea to save some time for yourself to let your creativity shine through on theme spreads. Ummm I’m just going by Fridays. Write down the last time you talked to your friends and make sure not to let too much time pass until the next time. Love the ideas <3 it helped me a lot thank you ^^, Thanks for stopping by Renai! Hollywood never sleeps. Thank you so much for all of your generosity and willingness to share your creativity and talent. We hope you love the products we recommend! Keep track of your favorite purchases and make a list of the vendors you love. Keep up with your planting dates, cost of your crop, the success of the crop compared to previous years, and interested buyers. There are a TON of celebrity chefs out there. My dad used to keep a small notebook in his truck and calculated his miles per gallon every single time he got gas. Here's a good way to track a recurring, non-daily goal. Keep all your work-related login details in one place. I am setting up my first journal tonight. Make sure you stay regular with your pet’s medicines. List the names of team members that deserve a compliment, and write down when you deliver the good news and also rate their reaction. Test your skills with these career tracker ideas. Certain songs are very meaningful and their lyrics can be used as the focus of a spread. Reference the list when it’s time to plan the event to stay ahead of the game! Simply amazing! And if anyone ever asks you for gift card ideas… Boom! The next time you file taxes, make a list of the documents you need and where to find them. If you’re a blogger or content creator, check your analytics to find what posts perform the best for you. You’re so welcome Kristal. It will definitely help you relieve some stress too. Your New Journal Tool | The Door Hanger Extreme, Where Does Bullet Journaling Reign? stamp that can help you track daily habits, products that will take your bullet journaling to the next level. Track all 365 days in one spread with certain colors representing your mood or the temperature outside. Make a list of your favorite spots to shop online, locally or in big cities. Thanks for making such a comprehensive list!!!! This is a fun way to get your big travel ideas down on paper. Where would you visit? Instagram user honeyrozes wrote down the dates of every Sunday at the top and planned her financial goals accordingly. Paint swatch your nail polish! When you pay with a debit or credit card, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s leaving your bank account. YouTube is a great spot to find fitness instructors for free. , Yay! Since I live in a touristy town, we have at least 10 food festivals every year. I can’t wait to peruse all of the layout ideas! Have you caught on to the Marie Kondo trend yet? Brilliant!!! Track how often you floss your pearly whites. Keep track of things you're saving for with a financial spread. Have you ever sat down to play a card game and can’t remember the rules? 3. fruit servings. The bullet journal index is just like the brain of your bujo; this is because it makes it easy to know where you store each log and helping you retrieve the necessary information when needed. So make a list of prompts you can reference anytime your mind is feeling blank. Remove it when you’re heading to the store. You should check out this Facebook spot for more guidance. Plan your perfect wedding in your bullet journal by writing down all your wedding essentials (I can hear the wedding bells now ). So when I’m looking for that best shrimp curry recipe, I know exactly where to find it! You’re right, I went a little overboard with my hashtag spread. Yay! 8. caffeine. When you’re planning your weekly grocery trips, pick up a few new choices so you’ll always have something semi-healthy to snack on around the house. Keep track of mileage and make sure you’re keeping your car living its best life! Track when you knit and learn how much time each project actually takes. Make a list of your favorite artists, bands, and songs. She sets aside money at different times of the year, so she's not saving for a ton of things at once. Here are some tips and tricks to upgrade your journal (and your life). Keep track of big (and small) milestones in your baby’s life. So happy you found it helpful. If you’re lactose intolerant, track your symptoms and problem foods so you can make sure to stay away! This applies to family, parents, and grandparents too. Check on TripAdvisor, Pinterest or Google for the top-rated local spots and traveler recommendations. If you subscribe to any, write down when and how to renew. Thanks so much Rosemary! You may want to incorporate additional notes, like teacher office hours or contact info, into this spread too. 5. period & ovulation. Keep track of when you last repaired your home appliances and what it costs. If you own a home, you’ll get a property tax bill each year with your estimated home’s worth. A stadium tracker is a cool way to keep up with all of the stadiums you’ve visited (and games you’ve seen). Create a list of all the things you want to do before you get there — this is like a mini bucket list! Love all the ideas as I am new to bullet journals and am still looking for new ideas. Hopefully, a time clock does this for you, but if you’re self-employed, you may not have one! So glad you enjoyed it Sepideh and thanks for passing it along to your sister! (If you liked this post, I think you’ll love my epic Bullet Journal Setup Guide.). If you take road trips with your kids (and they’re rambunctious), play some car games. You’ll find a TON of inspiration on Instagram (or online, or even from a trip to Hobby Lobby) for any hobby you’re looking to pick up.

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