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It’s cheap, yet beautiful enough to transform the whole place. I’ve used this headboard exclusively for maybe four years now and they still look great. Hi James! If you’re renovating your house, then you will probably have a lot of things lying around that you might want to throw in the trash. Allowing it time to cure will make the paint more washable and durable. Do you have some old picture frames lying around your home? An ugly headboard, or no headboard at all, can ruin an otherwise beautiful bedroom. Woven Headboard. Just hang it on the wall behind the bed with the help of a curtain rod to create a unique headboard that’s simple and adds a touch of softness. Well, this one’s a great idea for you to work on. You can find a variety of tapestry in the market, in all shapes and sizes. 16 years after getting married, we were still sleeping on the same old (very cheap… Just paint the pipes in silver to give the frame a metal look. Just curious how the styrofoam has held up? You can use some hot glue to fix the material to the board or staple it at the back of the headboard. Then this might be the headboard project that will give you a headstart. All you would be needing are some curtains, adjustable rods, anchors, screws and curtain brackets to be mounted on the wall and ceiling, and you’re good to go! Want to try a unique and easy way to transform your whole bedroom? You can just revamp your current headboard using this method. It’s possible to make a headboard for cheap or free, and with the plethora of projects available, you’re bound to find something you like. Besides master bedroom for couple, this feminine headboard design could also make a perfect accessory for little girls or teenagers’ bedroom. 11 Cheap and Chic DIY Headboard Projects To Make. A few postcards are pinned to the headboard to give it a finishing touch. It turns out, though, that they’ve held up marvelously. The headboard is drawn on the chalkboard wall. I LOVE this!! All you need is some wood, hammer, nails and a couple of hours on your hand, and you’re good to go! Get a beautiful macramé like this from an upholstery store and weave one all by yourself, and suspend it like a curtain by using a tree branch as a frame for an elegant and personalized look. If you aren’t one for the traditional headboards, then you might definitely want to give this design by Emily Henderson a try. There’s something about chevron that gives out a look that’s not only elegant but also stylish at the same time. Get some vintage sheets and fix them on a headboard wrapped in fabric. Anyhow, your styrofoam tiles will need to be painted to look right. This headboard is not a part of the bed’s structure. If not, you could pick up a few cheap ones at the dollar store and get on with this project. Can’t wait to make it. Got $10 to spare? Measure out the foil as per the dimensions of the headboard, cut them out, peel off the metallic vinyl and stick the sheet carefully along the headboard, and you’re done. And if an old door happens to be one among them, just don’t get rid of it. I always work out my projects on graph paper, so it’s easier for me to determine the most efficient use of wood. What’s great about this headboard? Hi Friends!! Had an issue hwoever when the styrofoam tile disintegrated in the corners when I tried to spray paint it with Krylon Fusion All in one satin spray paint and primer. You can go for a standard 5×8 rug for a queen-sized bed. To give a straightforward statement to the bed, make the headboard an attention stealer. It will soon become your elegant main attraction of the bedroom. And you’re done! A huge headboard could be too large for a small bedroom. So, if you do decide on going with this design, then make sure you mount them in such a way that they’re easily detachable. All you have to do is get some pillows and mount them on your wall. homeschooling and frugal living help for families, (please note that this post includes affiliate links and I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. As the center of attention, fill the space with a mounted family photo to make the design more personal. What’s more surprising is that it’s just a piece of fabric wrapped around cardboard. To embellish it further, you can scribble few words in glitter paint, and hang a rope with pictures above the board. If you’re not into wooden or foam based headboards, then try suspending a large curtain from the wall, and you’re good to go. But it still looks perfect! Just get the woodcut in the desired shape and paint it with primer followed by chalkboard paint. Choose the type of plants that don’t require a lot of cares. So, if you have some time on hand, and are willing to design the best headboard by yourself, then we’re here to give you a kick start with some amazing ideas. You’ll also want to take into account the height of your ceiling and the size of your room. Get some pieces of lumber cut at the shop in the desired size, paint them in the color of your choice and weave the pieces together using some wood glue. And it only takes about two hours to complete. For those who liked the fireplace headboard idea mentioned earlier in the article, here’s another DIY idea that uses an old fireplace mantle. Your email address will not be published. Like bold colors? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Curtain headboards work well when your bed is placed by the window, as you can keep moving it as per the requirement of light needed in your rooms. And there, you’re good to go! . If you aren’t keen on making a headboard from scratch, then you can just upcycle and transform the one that’s already available at home. The pressed kind will work fine, and cost you a whole lot less than a wood crown. It’s quite simple to make, and you would need some gold adhesive foil (vinyl one would be preferable), and a pair of scissors.

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