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Whether you live for luxury or are a member of the broke girl squad, everyone loves a deal. They both had a 4X on the tag, but the white one was slightly bigger. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Just put what you want to in your cart and then pay! I know it is to make up for the huge discounts but come on fair is fair. I like wish. I Love Wish!!! 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But find it a bit outrageous with the shipping costs. Subscribe to our Free Daily All4Women Newsletter to enter. Do you know when sometimes you make a huge mistake and you really don't want to think about it. All rights reserved. Another shopper with a negative experience warned in a Wish review … Online shopping is pretty much the same, whether you’re buying from a store an hour away or buying from a store on the other side of the world. My Wish app was not working, so I deleted the app and downloaded again. I was happy that this one at least covered my bra. One thing you need to remember that Wish is essentially a platform with lots of different sellers offering their (very cheap) wares to customers. But be careful – the price that lures you in, is not the price you’ll actually pay for the item. They asked for photo evidence which was sent but they refused to do anything about it. Those who seemed happiest with their purchases shared that they ordered simple products such as electronics accessories and phone cases, rather than clothing or electronics. I just may leave it there to remind me … If you order from more than one shop, you will probably have to pay more than one shipping fee, and your orders will arrive separately. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. This cost also doesn’t include the import duties you’ll pay at the post office either, which are also variable! The waiting is the tough part. Wish is like a wild wild west for plus-size shoppers. Related: Online shopping 101 – how to order from anywhere without getting off the couch. In a nutshell, don’t be afraid to order from Wish, because if something goes wrong, you will get your money back, but keep in mind that it won’t be as cheap as the advertised price and may take forever to arrive. This limited my options greatly. I thought something wasn't right seeing as thought FedEx confirmed delivering the package, so i went to the 3rd party location (The Garden in Washington, DC) and was treated hostile when asking about my package. After reading all the reviews, checking Facebook comments and of course following threads on Hello Peter I was relatively certain that my R12 t-shirt (which actually cost me R80) would arrive. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Online shopping is pretty much the same, whether you’re buying from a store an hour away or buying from a store on the other side of the world. Would offer a swap, a credit or refund - they just said “I understand this issue caused an inconvenience. Wish Jacket. Then when I showed them the information about the package being delivered, they told me they threw the package away. Not everyone is as lucky as I was. They are just a scam. I was worried. You click and you wait. There is just about anything a person might want available through Wish. Wish Jacket. I had my ordered several times with WISH successfully and decided to make a shop for a big order and save money by shipping the package to one of their 3rd party recipients. Then they will charge you delivery fee as much as the product itself. Though I only ordered a white T-shirt, I received a bonus gray one as well. Based on friends’ experiences with returning items or getting refunds for things that never arrived, Wish stores are pretty good at refunding you your money. As you can see, it did not go as planned. This meant I was actually going to be charged R37 for the t-shirt including shipping, and not R12. Between our unreliable postal services and fears that you’ve been scammed, waiting months for items you’ve already paid for is an anxiety-inducing exercise. Later I realized that I was charged for $3.79 on 10/31/2020 for WishPlus subscription! The 4X pants I ordered felt like paper mache and fit like an XL. If you're wondering if Wish is a scam, look no further. But still Love Wish, I've been using WISH for over 10years and like most shopping apps it has its hits & misses but what does separate WISH from the others is the prices look hard enough and you'll always find something that catches your eye and is cheaply in your budget, i have orderd 2 solar powered animal [with Strobe Flash Light]Upgrade Outdoor Garden Solar Ultrasonic Repeller PIR Animal Rodent Mole Cat Dog Beast Repellent was £13 each...i have ordered 2 with discount code £24.06 received only one today and it is broken ...very disappointed...will never use this website ever again, Perfect service. Otherwise I am usually happy. Health & Wellness, Fitness, Food & Recipes: Zethu is an avid consumer of all things lifestyle and lover of life and style. I wasn't expecting great material, but the fabric felt like actual paper. The sizing was so ridiculous, all I could do was laugh. Shop our wide selection of Wish clothes for men, women and children. Do not recommend. I have successfully received a refund from Wish for a ring that I ordered in the wrong size. Took ages to arrive. It would be as one reviewer had commented ‘great quality’, but as another had said probably ‘smaller than expected’. I love the merchandise ,it just takes too long to arrive.

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