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//output NY White, Persian Star, Russian Red, Shan Tung, Silver White, Siskiyou, Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Zemo Purple Stripe: Chesnok Red Marbled Purple Stripe: Russian Red, Metechi Georgian Crystal, Georgian Fire, German Extra Hardy, German Red, Inchellium Being completely independent allows us to select the best in flower and vegetable varieties from the world’s top breeders, and we have an enviable reputation for supplying professional quality seed. Minimum Order: 1/4# / Quantity Discount var domain = ""; Marietta, NY 13110 Minimum Order: 1#/ Quantity Discount Fedco Seeds says you want to get the garlic planted about four weeks before the ground freezes. Buy garlic bulbs that are grown from our trusted growers for the best quality and flavor. View Website, Seasonal Sales **All times are rough estimations for one person using Grey Duck Garlic past records; you may need more or less time depending on your enthusiasm, weed load and energy level. document.write(''); 859-536-3145 document.write(''); Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Minimum Order: 1# / Quantity Discount 973-248-2400 NOTE: The Foundation does not sell garlic for members. Visit Website, Seasonal Sales Garlic is generally ready to harvest when the bottom two leaves have gone yellow. document.write('Brian Hugick'); We take the right amount of time needed to prepare our garlic for sale and shipping to you. 607-220-4044 Prepare a garden bed with well-fertilized, tilthy soil. Phillips is almost identical to Russian Red, but emerges later in the spring (and the scapes come out later, too). Minimum Order: 5# / Quantity Discount Rocambole: Spanish Roja, Killarney, Carpathian Turban: Blossom Artichoke: var user = "longdaysfarm99"; Adaptable down to zone 8. the selling of quality stock at a fair price. Varieties: Asian Tempest, Armenian, Georgian Crystal, Georgian Fire, German The idea is to get the garlic to start to root but not to send up shoots that would get damaged by frost and snow. 208-260-8966 You may be able to sell smaller cloves for green garlic, give most of the rest away or eat them. Please check out the garlic … Bulbs Spanish Roja. NO STOCK. document.write(''); Let us suppose we need 50 pounds of garlic cloves to plant: It takes us 600 square feet to plant 50 pounds of Siberian garlic* (we plant in 4 x 50 feet beds of approximately 600 cloves so this is 3 large beds). //variables checked by me personally before sale. Varieties: Bogatyr, Carpathian, Chesnok Red, Estonian Red, Estonian Red, Trim the stems to about an inch, and rub off the soil-crusted out layers of garlic paper. Depending on the variety, garlic can store from about 4-10 months; it should be stored in a cool, dry place (out of direct light).

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