cuban healthcare system pros and cons

The public health service was terrible and we couldn’t afford the private. , 400px wide Almost every doctor is willing to go to the end of the world just for a little more to live on –to live better than in Cuba. News images provided by Press Association and Photocall Ireland unless otherwise stated. Despite Cuba’s polarized political climate, the country has developed a rather unique health care system that continues to deliver strong results, even with the challenges it has faced. Even my dad offered his help to get a certain cable that they were missing for the machine to work. The Caribbean nation has also invested heavily in a biotechnology sector, mainly to counteract the inability to buy drugs cheaply due to the American blockade, which has seen the state develop vaccines little used elsewhere, including one for lung cancer. The latter, though, has since been relaxed somewhat in line with more liberal reforms introduced since Raul Castro became President of Cuba. Before that, in 2006, BBC news program Newsnight included Cuba’s medical system in a series called “The Best Public Services in the World,” stating in an article that then-Prime Minister Tony Blair “should go Cuban.” When the Consultoría Interdisciplinaria en Desarrollo (CID), a Costa Rican associate of the Gallup Organization, carried out a survey in Cuba asking whether individual citizens had confidence in their country’s healthcare system, over three quarters of all participants responded positively. It may be struggling but I cannot think of any health care system around the world that isn’t struggling at some extent. “A family doctor is governed by two fundamental pillars; the first to treat the patient correctly and the second to correctly analyse the principal problems in their area which could, for example, be biological or environmental. The findings are then reported to a health official who decides the appropriate action,” adds Ramirez. Dr. Ventres shared that Cuba has focused on two things: “on a clinical point of view, on primary care, and secondly, it seems to have a well-developed system of primary, secondary and tertiary care – that there is communication between these three levels.” Patients are divided in into five categories depending on the state of their health, from completely healthy to high-risk, which determines their government-sponsored individual health maintenance plan. ( Log Out /  But I do think that as we move forward in this country and in Cuba, we have to look at what works, what doesn’t work in specific terms, in specific issues, over a population of people. Try our in-depth dossiers that provide a comprehensive view of each topic. Another problem is the lack of well-paying job opportunities in the health care sector. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. My father had to plead and guarantee his vote to a local politician to get me the operation that saved my life. A 2006 independent poll commissioned by Gallup showed three quarters of Cubans expressed satisfaction with the health system. The economics for…, The Covid-19 vaccine allocation plan aims  to pool funding from high-, low-…, Across nearly every metric of cardiovascular health, US African Americans…, The impacts of deforestation are wide ranging. However, due to the lack of available funds and resources to maintain the structure at home, many of these doctors decide to not return to Cuba after their tour is over. This practice has helped Cuba’s reputation in the international development field, as Cuban health professionals are known for being diligent first responders; the quality of their service is often praised in the international medical arena. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the life expectancy rates in Cuba are the second highest in Latin America and the Caribbean, with men reaching 77 years and women reaching 81 years of age in average. There is a system of primary attention in which there is a health center in every neighborhood with a medic and a nurse who are supposed to check up on the elderly, children, pregnant women, and visit patients at their homes –but not always do. Their salary is a misery. Your contributions will help us continue to deliver the stories that are important to you. Despite these criticisms many Cubans say they feel secure with regards their health.

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