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Duff Goldman's chocolate babka has reviews comparing it to a 'top-notch, first class bakery," and Molly Yeh's za'atar twist on babka (made in a jumbo muffin tin!) (Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images). Bottom line: Consumers want more and relevant nutrition information. It’s also a great place for manufacturers to pack in protein, functional ingredients and funky flavors. Giant Eagle has implemented a BYOB program (bring your own board!) Plant-based, non-dairy alternatives are driving big change in the sector. “Flours such as almond, coconut and cassava are on the rise, and there may even be new introductions, such as cauliflower, green banana and cashew flour,” … The past 20 years have been fun for food — kale smoothies, crazy milkshakes, avocado-everything. WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 6, 2018: Old Westminster Piquette 2018 photographed at Washington, DC on November 6, 2018. Expect to see even more zero-proof drinks as hops-infused sparkling waters and alternatives to liquors meant to be used with a mixer such as botanical-infused faux gin continue to  pop up everywhere from bar menus to specialty stores. Sundays aren’t just for brunch. Its exports, like Crown maple syrup, Hudson Baby bourbon and Coach Farm goat cheese, have national recognition. Their new blended Chicken Plus line came straight from consumer demand. In the dominant charcoal and gas-grill market, wood pellet grill sales have grown 9% year-over-year for the past 4 years, according to the Health, Patio and Barbecue Association. Look for: Hippeas, Keenwah quinoa puffs, Snacklins, Lesser Evil egg white curls, Sun Puffs and Bohana popped water lily seeds. You can now find packaged grazing platters that only need the cover removed. Why yes, I am competing on Chopped today, co-workers! Google search results are up 127% year-over-year, so Tajin's time is here. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Here's everything you need to know about this trendy and time-saving kitchen appliance. Instead, we aim to reach the core of the conundrum. As the former digital strategy at Edible Brooklyn I worked closely with the Editor-in-Chief to develop editorial content around the magazine’s annual Food Loves Tech event, reporting on urban farms, food waste and other issues relating to how technology is changing our food system. The melting pot of the east meets the west. Healthy ageing products aren’t just targeted at consumers past their 60s: people of all generations are becoming more aware of how what they consume affects their lifespan, overall health and appearance. Whether you call them mocktails, zero-proof or spirit-free drinks, non-alcoholic beverages are becoming a staple at happy hours around the country. Food Network stars have their own twists on HB: Ina makes hers with cinnamon, Jeff Mauro likes his spicy and Sunny Anderson adds zing with Dijon. Download and sign up for Food Network Kitchen to watch! Here's what will hit your grocery stores, kitchen tables and favorite restaurants in 2020, according to our survey data, industry research, and our eagle eyes and ears (and mouths!) Today's homecooks are thrilled to pack their pantries with authentic, funky ingredients like anchovy paste which adds a quick savory burst to dishes. I’m a NY-based freelance writer covering food, technology and the environment. Restaurant and Food Trends on the Rise: Avocado Toast has been steadily rising since 2014 and has become one of the biggest food searches of 2019. Nestle has decided to go a more innovative route and is trying to restructure the sugar crystal itself to be less caloric. These convenience foods, ready-to-eat, either tossed in a microwave or just heated up, are a manifestation of the technological innovations that have occurred in the food industry. Millennials and Gen Zers are drinking less because of health consciousness and social media culture, according to Mintel. This is the time to be looking further ahead, beyond the current or next year, in order to define successful product launches based on longlasting consumer organic food trends. It’s essentially a second pressing and fermentation of grapes used traditionally in wine-making and almost tastes like hard kombucha. Inspired by meal-prep savvy Instagram accounts like @mealpreponfleek and @workweeklunch, people are letting us know when they're prepping — #mealprepping has been tagged more than 600K times and peaks on Sundays. Find Your Snacks In The Refridgeable Aisle. Consumers are looking for brands that keep no secrets about their product, as well as reflect their own personal values. Look for mushroom extracts popping up in coffee, chocolate and snacks — like jerky and veggie pork rinds. All rights reserved. Honey dipper drips honey on a slice of bread. Homemade global pastries won’t stop here: look out for Czech kolaches, Scandinavian cardamom rolls, Japanese red bean buns and Mexican conchas next. Clean labels are more important than ever, particularly to a growing segment of consumers with special dietary needs, which in turn means lab-created artificial and “natural” flavors are not in demand; consumers want real ingredients from nature. Get ready for tons of live cooking classes, real-time interaction with your favorite stars, all-new recipes and so much more. In fact, consumers increasingly pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, made up of healthy dietary choices, which also explains why in recent years Mediterranean diet has become the norm on healthy eating across the globe. Starting in the 1970s, and in line with the spread of eating patterns that mirror an average lifestyle which is increasingly fast-paced and hectic, speed is the element which, more than any other, has marked a substantial difference in how people structure their lives; not surprising then that these years coincided with the spread of fast food restaurants. Alton Brown slips them into his new chicken parm's red sauce and New York Times columnist and cookbook author Alison Roman's anchovy butter chicken is a viral sensation. Here’s a look at the food that will be popping up on plates in the year to come. This leads to food at times being identified as one of the ways to go back in time and in certain cases, food provides comfort, hence “comfort food”: authentic, simple, fulfilling, linked to traditions, childhood and the family table. Chefs like Vivian Ku of Pine & Crane (LA), Trigg Brown and Josh Ku of Win Son (Brooklyn) and veteran restaurateur Eddie Huang of NYC's Baohaus are creating dishes that spotlight Taiwan's culinary diversity like beef noodle soup, pork belly buns, oyster omelets and fried chicken. Restaurants and food brands are upgrading old-school kids’ menus to include things like non-breaded salmon fish sticks, organic chicken nuggets, pastas made from alternative flours and more. My work has appeared in Martha Stewart Living, Civil Eats, PBS NewsHour and more. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Look for Wise honey butter chips and Land O'Lakes version of the sweet spread. The F&B market will need to tap even further into an audience which is increasingly time-strapped with busy schedules, yet doesn’t want to sacrifice health goals, or end its curiosity for new ingredients, flavours and formats. The puffed snack industry grew to $31 billion this year, according to IRI. There's no better time to bring kids into the kitchen. Save room for dessert: Win Son's huasheng runbing — kind of like a vanilla ice cream sandwich with peanut brittle and fresh cilantro — will make you rethink sweets. ©Food Network, G.P. Try this sandia loca (which means "crazy watermelon") — our video has more than 35 million views on Facebook. Consumers have high expectations for veggies (ahem, cauliflower): they need to be versatile, nutrient dense, a carb replacement and a meat alternative. Growing mobility, improved logistics and new technologies have it possible the globalization of tastes rapidly changing the culinary landscape. For example, more and more producers are looking to tap into the anti-ageing power of antioxidants in various products, from berries to olive oil and honey. That is why we will not list a few foods or lifestyle choises that are expected to grab headlines for a few months or even a year and then fade into nothingness. The Non-Alcoholic Happy Hour Goes Mainstream. Thanks to food technology, it’s now possible to turn almost anything into an airy puff or pop — peanuts, chickpeas, quinoa and mushrooms have all gone crunchy. As we start a new year, Delish editors bring you the biggest food trends (more gnocchi, less booze, more biltong, less plastic) for the new year. So, this is prime time for Piquette, the crafted and higher brow option to the hard seltzers of the world. Eating blended meat is the more affordable, sustainable and family-friendly alternative to lab-grown meat, which is also on the horizon. We aim to globalize local production and make traditional products of limited quantity and unlimited quality available to every consumer across the globe. Updated multicookers with new and better features make single-function small appliances unnecessary. Traditional products evoke a past filled with memories and involves recalling and preserving habits and lifestyle choises rooted in a specific sociogeographic context. You can also jump on the blended bandwagon and make these burgers made with bulgur wheat and turkey. Download and sign up on the Food Network Kitchen app to make this dinner party classic with Valerie! If you haven't tried our new app's live classes yet, what are you waiting for? Statistics state that almost one out five consumers in the West consider themselves “plant-forward”, meaning that they follow a diet not necessarily vegan or vegetarian, yet they prefer approximately 70% of their meals to contain plant-based, 100% clean ingredients. You're not alone. Keep an eye out for the Instant Pot Max which now has a sous vide mode and the Ninja Foodi OP302, which features air frying and dehydrating. Companies like Traeger and Grilla have loyal superfans that share recipes, tips and suggestions for product improvement through Facebook groups — some 100K members strong. As the. The HV is a lesson: the country can have city cache. It is only through analysis of emerging eating habits that it is possible to identify positive pathways to a sustainable future. Uber Eats is an American online food ordering and delivery service. The culinary experience is a search for pleasure, a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. Food trends are changing the way we eat and drink. Look out for Rachael Ray's and Uber Eats' ghost kitchen collaboration to feature recipes from her upcoming cookbook. The brands that consumers eat and drink, have become an expression of themselves, which is why they seek out a company’s origin story, sustainability efforts, social contribution, and overall corporate transparency. is a fun new take on the dish. It’s essential for the busy and budget-conscious and has launched a new generation of smart, compact and good looking resusable containers like Yumbox's bento lunchboxes.

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