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Shake the cover to fall smoothly over the comforter. When the fill weight is the same, a higher fill power means more insulating capabilities (more heat retention) compared with lower number. Yes, this does use a lot of electricity, but you only do it every couple years so, collectively, it uses dramatically less electricity than other kinds of comforters, which have to be washed as often as monthly. For real down, this is often goose feathers. Baffle box construction uses a much higher degree of sophistication. Wash your comforter on warm, on the delicate cycle. Down is a rare material. Consider a down alternative comforter if you suffer from allergies. The amount of space it fills up is normally measured in cubic inches. This is often goose down, synthetic alternative down fibers, or a mixture of both. There are also new technologies that claim to be able to increase the fill power of down, another reason why 1000+ numbers have been seen in recent years. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. One ounce of down feathers is compressed. Felt that Goldilocks “just right” feeling…between feeling warm and not overheating? To start a mantra we will repeat throughout this guide, always read the tag on your down comforter. Also the more tightly woven, the less likely for down to escape and allergens to be exposed. Higher quality down that has even larger clusters, more loft and great insulation with low weight. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. That’s the almost magical effect of a. 1. Take these two down comforters as examples: Both comforters are equally warm, but the second one is half the weight because it has a better fill power. That’s the almost magical effect of a down comforter. High-quality down like that produced by Downlite is cleaned extensively according to strict industry standards, is hypoallergenic and is less likely to cause an issue. However, average goose down offers fill powers of 550-600, which is often ideal for most consumers. This is a less than ideal purchase. Down alternative comforters are hypoallergenic and, when of fine materials, are hard to distinguish from authentic down comforters. Felt that Goldilocks “just right” feeling…between feeling warm and not overheating? Some comforters even combine a mixture of real and synthetic materials. Most people will recommend getting a high fill power comforter for cold situations and a lower fill power for warmer situations. This can cause mildew and lead to a deformation of the comforter’s shape. Some of the most baffling bedding terms are around your down comforter’s construction through various stitching patterns. Do you always kick off the sheets in the middle of the night or do you snuggle right in? Silk puffs up to draw moisture away from your body at night. Down comforter with Fill power more than 500 and less than 600 will be cheap, soft and normal warm. If someone in the household is prone to allergies, you may prefer to choose a synthetic down. Yes, by now you’ve realized the business of beds has some complicated jargon. Baffles allow the down to expand and loft, keeping feathers uniformly distributed throughout, instead of the tendency for the feathers to bunch and lump up. (Again, this is why we don’t recommend this for any children under four years old.). Another high-end alternative is best if you have young kids or people extremely prone to allergies—silk is still made of natural fibers but is hypoallergenic. For example, a comforter advertised as 500 Fill Power means that each ounce of down fills 500 cubic inches of space. Many people consider 800 to be the highest possible fill power, although others will claim that 1200 is possible. Originally invented for U.S. Army sleeping bags, Primaloft fibers are antimicrobial and repel moisture. Always get out that measuring tape before buying. It’s extremely durable and easily machine washable and the closest you can get to the delight of natural down. Unlike a fitted sheet, a down comforter is often longer than your bed, in order to drape over the sides, finally. Although this is till a way to keep the down from shifting around, heat and insulation are lost between the stitching. If you have a top-loader it should be avoided because the agitator in the middle can add unnecessary stress to your comforter. Many families choose down not just for its warmth, but for its durability. A down comforter is an investment that usually lasts for about ten years with minimal upkeep. A Northern European luxury tradition brought to the U.S., the down comforter is the first choice solution for people to get through long, chilled winters. It is the soft inner plumage found on the belly of the goose, duck and other waterfowl. , which is used in most bedding and clothing, is a combination of down clusters, down fibers and plumes, which are small, undeveloped feathers. Better comforters are 650 fill power and up. Allergy Friendly Bedding (AAFA Certified), eBay actually provides this excellent chart. Log in. A common problem with channel stitched comforters is that the feathers will shift to one side or the other creating hot and cold patches, resulting in nonuniform insulation and comfort. They are mostly flat, and do not give much luxury. Learn more about down fill below, and browse through our fill charts to help you decide on the right choice for your new comforter. For example, a comforter advertised as 500 Fill Power means that each ounce of down fills 500 cubic inches of space. For example, a comforter advertised as 500 Fill Power means that each ounce of down fills 500 cubic inches of space. Thread count is the density of threads sewn into the comforter per square inch. If you ever notice any small tears, go ahead and repair it with a needle and thread. The feathers are then kept in their individual pockets. Down Fill Power Chart We will email you a prepaid FedEx label, and deduct the cost of the return shipping from your refund amount ($5 per item flat rate). To help you find the correct down comforter warmth, you need to consider 3 factors: your body’s tolerance, the room’s temperature, and the down comforter’s warmth level. That’s impossible. Wayfair uses the following fill power measurements: Shop 400 – 600 Fill Power Down. It’s good to note that the process of harvesting goose down in China is not as regulated as in Europe and North America. What fabric should encase my down comforter? To give you an overall picture of what to expect from various fill powers, we have put together a chart below that should help you figure out what will work best for your intended usage and needs. Also look for certification tags like these: The most important part of caring for your down comforter is by making sure you always sleep with a duvet cover or down comforter cover on it. Remember to not over-wash your down comforter—that only serves to break down the feathers. Fill power > 500. What size down comforter is right for me? Helping you pick out the best bedding products for your personal needs. Before making an investment like purchasing a down feather comforter, it’s normal to want to know its origins. This is actually a common trick. The duvet cover allows you to wash it less often, as it protects it from dust and insects getting in. Alternately, you can use one of those at-home dry-cleaning kits and only “wash” it in your dryer. You can return your order with all original materials included within 30 days of delivery. Great for lightweight comforters that still offer a lot of heat retention. However, if you have two products with the same power rating and different weights, the comforter with the lower weight will be nicer because it offers the same insulation but in a more lightweight product. This is fine, but we still highly recommend using a duvet cover too. This will typically be goose down and may even be from Hungarian white geese. How is fill power measured? In other words, the amount of fill power determines which warmth level category a certain down comforter belongs. The higher the fill power, the better the insulating ability and loft (fluffiness) a down comforter will have. Products labeled as "goose down" are only legally required to contain a minimum of 90 percent real feathers, while products simply labeled "down" may contain less. This is definitely a situation where you get what you pay for. A higher thread count down shell makes the comforter bouncier. For comforters that can be washed, the commercial-size washers and dryers found in coin laundries are often recommended. Here are some of the other kinds of feathers to be aware of: Most of the down is a byproduct of the food industry. They usually provide the same level of warmth and comfort, often at a cheaper price. Good comforters normally start out at 575 fill power. From time to time, it can’t hurt to be aired outdoors. Luxury down comforters will often have a fill power rating of 700 or above. What about allergies with down comforters? The whole secret of the down comforter is that the down plume traps the air between the outside cold and your body, so you don’t get cold, but you don’t get too hot either. Channel stitching means that the comforter is comprised of channels or straight lines instead of pockets. You can only ensure that you're buying cruelty-free goose down when the company can track and trace where their feathers come from. Down alternative comforters have to use more filling to create a similar feel as the natural down. Eider is often reserved for use in luxury goods and outdoor gear for extreme weather or climate usage. It consists of fluffy filaments that interlock to trap air and body heat. 1000 fill power is the most luxurious. And when winter temperatures really plummet, combine the two comforters for the ultimate in personal puffery. Since the weight is also measured in ounces and is referring to the same material, these two numbers together can give you a clear picture of what a blanket will really be like to use. Let’s examine them from lightest to heaviest: Goose down feathers will last a lifetime (or longer), so you want to make sure that the fabric used for the shell of your down comforter is also going to last. A less expensive option is microfiber, a synthetic filling with hollow or spiral microfibers. Good comforters normally start out at 575 fill power. Down comforters aren’t good for babies’ beds both because you can’t know their allergies at such a young age and because you tend to need to wash baby bedding quite often, which isn’t optimal for down longevity. A high rating means that the goose down clusters are large and dense. Now, it may seem unimportant for you to have a high thread count in your down comforter because you’ll probably be covering it with a duvet cover or shell, but the thread count dramatically affects the comfort and luxury experience. The Ultimate Guide to Bedding, Best Blankets and Throws to Place at the End of the Bed. Sewn Through Construction - versus Baffle Box Construction.

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