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You took the time to listen to my requirements and offered thoughtful and helpful suggestions; leading to not one, but two excellent appointments! First, File a complaint with the Consumer protection Bureau, Convergent will respond by attaching a pdf, claiming to call them and give them your social. Finally last week I was home when they called, I answered, ready to fight with them, but got a recording telling me to push 1 if I was who they were calling, 2 if they should call back, etc. The last option was to have my number removed from their database so I did that. Within a day I had a job offer. Back few years ago I had a debt that ER Solutions was trying to collect. great work atmosphere and and awesome managment. Ask a question about working or interviewing at ER Solutions. that is VERY shady. CAN ANYONE TELL ME THE PROPER WAY TO CHANGE THE SANDING SLEEVES ON A GRIZZLY LARGE SPINDLE SANDER? I worked for the company for approx 5 years. The people they employ (agents as they are called) are all skilled, motivated and educated. Favortism and bias on a openly displayed daily basis by office manager. The person who took my call asked for my phone number. Was not aware of this fee. Working from home as an independent contractor gives you the ultimate in work/life flexibility. Review #525222 is a subjective opinion of poster. Contact your state's Attorney General's office and file a consumers complaint. How can a real person live with themselves knowing how they lie to people? Similar situation - we've started getting calls from this outfit, but luckily I'd just pulled our credit reports and we've had no outstanding debt in more than 10 years. That always stoops them dead in their tracks. Esme spoke very positively and enthusiastically about the client she was representing. I know she put in a great deal of work, effort and time and bent over backwards to get me that opportunity. However, this was not team based merger. What collection agency does not have a toll free number? I've also spoken to Andrew on more than one occasion and have often left messages for Esme. The woman on the phone was nasty and pushy. Our content is free because we may earn a commission if you purchase products after clicking ads on our website. She told me, "I already said the name of the company." I enjoyed giving people options to pay their bill. EVEN THOUGH IT WAS WITHIN THE WORKING HOURS OF THE CHAT LINE, IT SHOWED IT WAS UNAVAILABLE. They kept harrassing me and I thought they couldn't garnish without a court order. Please do yourself a favor and don't give them any personal information. I appreciate your attention. Basic collection work. Thank you so much for finding me the perfect job! IT SEEMS UN-BUSINESS LIKE TO PROVIDE ORDER STATUS AND NOT UPDATE ON A DAILY BASIS. I tried calling ER Solutions tonight, but they are closed so I will be calling again tomorrow and hopefully am able to talk to an actual person. See more ER Solutions reviews by job title, See more ER Solutions reviews by location, I loved this place i worked there for 9 in a half years and made a ton of money while i was there. Productive and positive people. I keep receiving calls from ERS and they are trying to get me to pay on a bill for a student loan that I receive a bill from the department of education. Terms of business for permanent recruitment I can wholeheartedly recommend the exceptional and quality service we received and look forward to recommending you to my clients! And the lady with ER said "I'm not gonna give you that and I said "So your telling me your gonna ignore federal law, and she said "Its against federal law to not pay your bills either and I said do you really believe that and she hung up. I am now very happy in my new job role and thank you so much. That hurt. I refused to give it until she gave me information about who was calling me. I have known and been registered with Working Solutions of Ludlow for a couple of year's now and have come to know Esme over that time. Attention to this matter would be appreciated! - 1 to 1 service from expert Consultants with over 25 years’ experience, - We identify and recruit the very best people, - We provide a guaranteed FREE replacement within 6 months, Absolutely fantastic service. Would not be so bad if it was an actual person and not a robot would talk to you thus being able to explain that it's obviously the WRONG NUMBER/WRONG PERSON. It didn't work because they called back today--same recording. It wants me to verify my identity by entering the last four # of my SS # on a "secure form". The work is very stressful and not enjoyable. It's nothing but a *** business who should figure out how to run things better and focus less on being great at *** people off. Working Solutions (Mercia) Ltd, Recruitment Consultancy, Office & Administration, Accounting & Finance, Engineering & Renewables, IT, Scientific & Technical, Graduate, Office & Administration, Graduate, Managerial, Office & Administration, Accounting & Finance, IT, Scientific & Technical, Graduate, Accounting & Finance, Engineering & Renewables, Sales & Marketing, Graduate, Managerial. Review #959464 is a subjective opinion of poster. I only receive emails at that account from that company and nothing else. I would like to thank Esme and her colleagues at Working Solutions for firstly finding me a suitable position, which turned in to a permanent one. great job allows you to work from home, but the commute sucks and the so does the pay. someone is using my identity for to buy house , cars and loans. These debt collection agencies are just unreal. I figure she must have seen my last name and figured what a great opportunity. What a fantastic service Working Solutions (Mercia) Ltd provided when I first thought about expanding the business. To register simply complete our online form and attach your CV. From across the U.S. and Canada, our workforce of sales, service and tech-support experts elevate customer care and improve business results. Attention Client Services Ref#89872**** I have switched to At & T cell service from Sprint & the representitive that came to my house, took our Iphone 6's phones & gave us new phones and I was in the understanding from Sprint I... ER Solutions are horrible they called one time. This company has continued to call my job when told by owner not to do so! I tell him that I am not giving any information to him, he tells me that I have to, I repeat exactly what I have already stated, he asks again and tells me that he cannot proceed unless I verify my information. My god from stealing identities to attempting to drain people's money from them on debts they don't even owe. Well started here long time ago straight out of high school and left there. This is a scam! please I need your help , the IRS and Social Securiy has knowledge that I'm victim identity thief. Help people considering your employer make a good choice. She kept me in the loop the whole way through the process and never left me wondering. Review #604002 is a subjective opinion of poster. Sonia Ramos de Oliveira. Good pay long days short friday. Bought a 40" Seiki at Shopko for our cottage in April...finally installed it in May - has very fuzzy picture because where you install the cable that fitting cannot be tightened like it should. But this time I had a pen handy and wrote down the name of the company to look up. I just received a call that said they were working for PayPal and needed to verify my information before they could continue. Even though I do not have experience in the industry, I believe Esme saw potential in me and instead of writing me off because I have little to no experience in that industry, she endeavored to prove to the company I am worth taking a chance on. I called them back and they know my name but refused to answer any other questions about who they were until I provided my address, which I declined to do. This is clearly a defective TV....any company that does not stand behind their product deserves to go bankrupt. Stressful environment as a 3rd party debt collector. ER Solutions ranks 58 of 228 in Collection Agencies category. However, for some positions, they exclude workers from CA, NY, WA and PA. A Little About Working Solutions … Working Solutions hires independent contractors to work as home-agents providing sales, technical support and customer service for their clients. I looked up this address on How did you feel about telling people you worked at ER Solutions? Please verify your email or mailing address to me". With 24 years of success, Working Solutions is a recognized leader in on-demand, onshore contact center outsourcing. She said that the call was in reference to a personal business matter, but that she could not give me any information unless I provided my number. The algorithm is subject to change in future. I THEN PULLED UP THE LIVE CHAT LINE TO HAVE THEM CHECK THE ORDER. Terms of business for agency workers | What is your customer experience with ER Solutions? Review #451149 is a subjective opinion of poster. I have settled in to my new role very quickly and I would have no hesitation in recommending your agency. Review #437728 is a subjective opinion of poster. I’ve found recruitment agents to be, on the whole, painful to deal with. the staff is amazing and i was easily making 75,000 to 80,000 a year, I was employed years ago. I said "Go ahead, tell me what information you have and I will let you know if it is accurate". Thank You for Your Reply! I am facing the same issue here I have been bugged by this phone number and I dont know what to do??????? Continues to call with the pre-recorded voice asking for an unknown person. There is not enough information available to create the chart. Commission was a bonus but hourly was below living wages. If you don't meet your goal for the month you get booted. the co workers were fun to work with and helpful. She couldn't have done enough for me. I also just received a call from this company. Please send me feedback what or who I can contact regarding this issue . Sick of this happening, stop calling. Compare ER Solutions vs Allied Interstate, If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter. ER Solutions is now closed. We are NOT target-driven but generate our business through successful networking, reputation and repeat business. The supervisors were great, and cared for the people. Review #584630 is a subjective opinion of poster. than I found this website with all the various and many complaints so I have taken things a step further in filing complaints and will continue to do so after reading everything. Met Work Solutions kiest u voor: een team van zeer ervaren BIG-geregistreerde professionals met ieder meer dan 25 jaar ervaring op het gebied van arbeid en gezondheid ons team bestaat uit senior re-integratiespecialisten met als achtergrond bedrijfsfysiotherapie, psychologie en coaching, ergonomie en met ruime ervaring in het begeleiden van medewerkers met fysieke en mentale gezondheidsproblemen The management are not professionals. Managed a high-volume workload within a deadline-driven environment. I would not give her my number and asked to speak to a manager. I keep getting emails from them from an email I use only for work. Outgoing calls to different regions in United States pertaining to unpaid outstanding debts. A few months later I was also offered a 2 month temping placement at a PR agency where I am in fact still working 6 months later! Esme listened to what I wanted and gave me fantastic advice. The overall rating of the company is 1.0 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. Review #470623 is a subjective opinion of poster. I learned more about insurance and the billing process. Review #740353 is a subjective opinion of poster. great work atmosphere and and awesome managment. A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile. Esme helped me get an interview and a trial day with an industry in which I have little to no experience. I would recommend Working Solutions to anyone looking for employment either temporary or permanent. Left on maternity leave and never went back.

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