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So, yeah, it's omnipotent. ? The sword was not only Conan’s signature weapon in the first film and its forgettable sequel, Conan the Destroyer, but the Governator himself kept the prop sword — which was actually a usable weapon — in his office. Elric of Melnibon?, the protagonist (not “hero”) of a series of fantasy stories and novels by Michael Moorcock, is brooding, miserable, and is given to using dark sorcery while serving as a reluctant thrall of the demon-lord Arioch. Romances”, with. acrobat – fluid, dexterous, and graceful; there is no waste in his movements. Probably the most famous weapon of the Final Fantasy franchise, the Buster Sword was wielded by the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife. Asgardian, Valkyrie is more than a mere sword wielder. The sword in the stone and the Excalibur sword is compared to be the same things sometimes. While technically an Elvish long knife, to a hobbit like Bilbo it was a sword. Often, more than people, swords took the limelights in both historical and mythological legends. is one of the most badass female swordsman in fiction. Wielded first by Seth Sorenson, then by his sister, Kendra Sorenson. And I think it’s not only me; the universal sentiment on the matter is... my lists for top ten samurais and ninjas in fiction, most favorite anime characters of all time, 'Assassination Classroom' Is the Ultimate Teacher Anime, The 'High & Low' Franchise Is Brimming with Swag, Top 10 Samurais & Top 10 Ninjas in Fiction, Top 10 Fictional Characters That Have Lightning/Electric Powers, 'Gakuen Babysitters' Is Exactly the Cute, Wholesome Comedy Anime You Expect It to Be. Shortly before his death in 1732, he summed up his experiences in a raucous autobiography and fencing manual titled The Expert Sword-Man’s Companion. For example, it could: shrink to dagger-size when not in use; fly straight to its wielder’s hand when called; protect its wielder with a force field; fire blasts of energy; project a Batsignal-like flare to call the other ThunderCats; and of course, via the Eye of Thundara it could be used to gain “sight beyond sight,” i.e., let Lion-O see what was going on at that moment somewhere else on Thundara. swordsmanship in fiction are those done with the Japanese katana. into something positive. From soldiers and samurai to duelists and expert fencers, take a look back at the adventures of six legendary swordsmen. Hence, in making my list, I excluded the Iconic? There is perhaps no better example of the “wandering swordsman” than Tsukahara Bokuden. At the present, He-Man’s appearance is extremely ? King Arthur drew the sword from stone that indicated he was a true knight of the Logres land. One signature move, the “Boar’s Thrust,” called for the fighter to drop to one knee while simultaneously jabbing his sword upward in a vicious uppercut blow. All Rights Reserved. TechRepublic Premium: The best IT policies, templates, and tools, for today and tomorrow. But when 5) The Vorpal Sword, Through the Looking Glass. Lists are re-scored approximately every 5 minutes. Superheroes of. The “Atlantean Sword” (as it’s referred to on the film’s soundtrack) from Conan the Barbarian is one of the most iconic weapons in fantasy cinema (next to the sword-that-shoots-swords, of course). The MacLeod sword came up frequently, and it just missed the final cut. 11) Buster Sword, Final Fantasy VII Despite having no vocal training, she later found fame as a contralto opera singer and spent several years performing under the name “Mademoiselle de Maupin,” or “La Maupin.”D’Aubigny also took part in numerous sword duels, including one against a nobleman who initially mistook her for a man. Miroku: (弥勒) The huge claymore wielded by Mai in My-HiME. During the late 17th and early 18th centuries, Julie d’Aubigny fascinated the French public with her outsized personality, heavenly singing voice and deadly sword skill. In another famous incident from 1695, she scandalized the guests at a masked ball by kissing a young woman on the mouth and then fighting—and defeating—three different swordsmen who tried to defend the lady’s honor. Jesus I forgot how large that thing was. While he occasionally served as a soldier, Musashi spent much of his career wandering the Japanese countryside and doing battle with any warrior who dared challenge him. Those character don't even come near to the legacy of rRoronoa Zoro. Vergil , Dante and Sparta from devil may crySpecially Vergil and his dependence on speed and powerI'd say he is fearsome Warrior. While not possessing any magical powers, And?ril, “The Flame of the West,” is nonetheless one of the most famous swords in fantasy fiction–if only because it was the sword of Aragorn. We'll save other weaponry for another list. Also known as the Sword of Evil's Bane and the Sword of Time, it's the go-to battle blade for Link from the Legend of Zelda series. Among other accomplishments, he served for a time as director of the Concert des Amateurs, one of the top orchestras in France. at least one Jedi in this list. His Book of Five Rings is now considered a landmark text on martial arts and strategy. Ancient myth and modern stories are rife with enchanted swords that make even the most unlikely protagonist infinitely more awesome. First appearing in the third Zelda game, A Link to the Past, the Master Sword has become a trademark of the Zelda franchise. Given the strong mythological roots of much fantasy fiction, it’s not surprising that there are many famous swords in nearly every make-believe world. Might be hard to find, but I would love to include it. Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. corny and even borderline gay, but during his time, He-Man could be considered So many great fictional swordsmen though, that it's hard to choose. lightsaber wielder among the Jedi (while Yoda was the best one in terms of Odo's sword (Kingdom of Heaven again)Valeria's sword (Conan the Barbarian again)Sword of Clan MacLeod (Highlander again)Buliwyf's and Ahmad ibn Fadlan's swords (The 13th Warrior)Ogami Ittō's katana (Lone Wolf and Cub series)Tristan Thorn's sword (Stardust)The problem with katanas is they mostly look identical when reduced to a silhouette. All of the other swords on this list are wielded by heroes in service of the forces of good. © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. Must be a sword, knife, dagger or similar. Within the game, Monado is capable of many things, such as manipulating Ether, the building blocks of the world. The multitalented aristocrat later became one of the most celebrated fencers in France, often participating in matches attended by European royalty. (Credit: Yoshitoshi/PD-1923). In the show Ned always uses a regular sword when he actually fights. The Manx Sword of State (15th century), a ceremonial sword used by the parliament of the Isle of Man at the annual Tynwald ceremony. Its role is reinvented with every new game (along with Link’), and it inevitably requires a quest, and sometimes multiple quests, to obtain. The sword features a unique split tip which gives it a scissors-like appearance. From Dungeons & Dragons to Bill Willingham's Fables series to Charles Stross's Glasshouse, a vorpal sword is impossibly sharp and ultimately awesome. D’Artagnan is actually a real historical figure, but generations) to be ignored.

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