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Flexible pricing. PSOne's all about fresh takes on classic Smucker brand jingles these days. Finally, in the spirit of the season, we're told (in song) that "Dad insisted on playing the role…, … but now the kids are scared because he's stuck in a hole.". Heh.). Another fanfic author, Aza Azdaema, said the brief nature of the advertisement provided ample room for fic-writers to expand on the Folgers incest ad universe. Folgers Commercial reviews: TV commercial in shower. Executive Producer: Holly Vega supports HTML5 video, …her father-in-law. Toward that end, in addition to the updated song, PSOne decided that a perky choir, popping up mid-verse in unexpected places, was tantamount to creating "a new brand icon," says PSOne creative chief Andy Bird. For those unacquainted with the clip, the Wikipedia page for Folgers included an explainer in its “Advertising” section: In 2009, Saatchi & Saatchi created a holiday ad, “Coming Home,” where brother Peter is met by his sister at their parents home on returning from volunteering in West Africa. VFX Company: The Mill NY The lyrics are belted out by a seven-person choir known as the Folgers Morning Harmonizers, and focus on awkward in-law visits, crowded carpools and Dad-as-Santa, stuck in a chimney. Today, Folgers is best known for the slogan “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.” 2. (Maybe the Folgers choir can cross-over for some mewing. As noted in that article, the fanfiction trove (AO3) features a bustling section on fan-created writing inspired by Folgers’ “Coming Home.” (Sort by “kudos” for the most popular works.) BuzzFeed’s take was screenshot-heavy, concluding with a poll: “Let’s answer this once and for all, are the Folgers siblings hooking up with each other?”. As far as we know, Folgers has not commented publicly on the virality of its “Coming Home” ad. Megan waits to unwrap her present after dinner. Sign up for the daily Museletter for the latest ad campaigns and the stories behind them. Well, that father-in-law in the shower certainly seemed pleased. It’s clear that the “Folgers incest ad” is perennially popular across social media, and it has been since its debut in 2009. "I hope we succeeded.". As of December 2019, it had been viewed more than 700,000 times: A number of commenters referenced the 2019 GQ article, but comments dating back at least six years sliced and diced the commercial’s purportedly incestuous undertones: “The best part of waking up is incest in your cup”, “Thank God their parents walked in! Learn about our different types of coffee today. Executive Producer: Dan Kuby Only $5 for 3 … Some of the spoofs and the different edits that I’ve seen are pretty hilarious.”. Yes, Portland_rain’s masterful tale of forbidden has the requisite incestuous phone sex scene, and yes, it can teach you about AIDS in Africa —, Matt hesitated. PSOne also crafted loopy spots featuring the apocalypse and a doofus Father Nature for Jif peanut butter and Smucker's Natural fruit spread, respectively. Time to light those yule logs! Agency: PSOne What’s in the box remains an open question—I’ve seen more than one work posit that it’s a ring, and our boy is about to propose. We were used to using our shipping goggles to look for the barest hint of incestuous subtext, and so the Folgers commercial registered in a big way. It’s a good commercial,’” he said. J.M.

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