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The advantage of this type of system is that it does not normally require a pit. Pit Furnaces Circulation At the same time, it provides flexibility to run different recipes for each workload. Control of the dissociation rate or nitriding potential can be accomplished using either dissociated ammonia (75% hydrogen, 25% nitrogen) or 100% nitrogen. Your submission has been received! Today, metallurgical properties are often achieved by controlling the nitriding potential (KN factor). The nitriding process is typically performed when increased surface hardness, wear and abrasion resistance, fatigue strength or corrosion resistance are required. A seal is particularly important. Nitriding and Gas Nitrocarburising. Fiber insulation also in combination with meander shaped heating for short heating times. Sealed Work Chamber This website requires certain cookies to work and uses other cookies to help you have the best experience. Gas Nitriding Furnaces are provided for temperature ranges from 150ºC to 700ºC. All Rights Reserved BNP Media. tel: 630-834-3017; e-mail:; web:, Patrick Weymer is with J.L. The result is a part with increased surface hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, anti-galling properties and improved fatigue strength. Classical Gas NitridingThis is a process for the enrichment of the surface with nitrogen in the temperature range between 480 and 550 °C within a process time of 12 to 96h. Ceiling height can be an issue with these types of systems. Bell Furnaces Let’s start with a brief explanation of how the process works. Process flexibility requirements: One specific part type with one specific recipe (time, temperature, nitriding potential) or multiple parts and/or multiple recipes 1). Load of the 1008 steel automotive transmission hubs after gas nitrocarburizing, Heat & Corrosion Resistant Materials / Composites, Commercial Heat Treat Capabilities Directory, Materials Characterization & Testing Equipment Directory, An Overview of Nitriding – Technology and Tribological Benefits, Fastener Industry Overview: Applications, Materials, Equipment, Fastener Industry Overview: Applications, Materials, Equipment (part 2), Principles of Gas Nitriding: The Nitriding Process (Part 1). The presence of large amounts of raw ammonia (over about 50 ppm) can lead to irritation of the eyes, shortness of breath and other physiological symptoms. Retorts are normally constructed using Inconel 600 and in some instances Inconel 601 or other stainless steels. AMS 2759/10 defines nitriding potential range for various materials (4140, 4340, H11, etc.) Several types of gas nitriding equipment are available today, including pit, bell, box and tip-up furnaces. An atmosphere-tight work chamber is required since ammonia flows through the furnace. In most cases, a retort is located within a furnace. The integration of these tools has made it possible to automate the process (time, temperature and nitriding potential). Heating System Pusher systems could include a washer, oxidation furnace, purge chamber, nitriding furnace, cooling zone, post-purge chamber and load/unload area. You must have JavaScript enabled to enjoy a limited number of articles over the next 30 days. By visiting this website, certain cookies have already been set, which you may delete and block. After mechanical preparation, the sample should be scratch-free, free from deformation, and ready for the microscope or hardness tester! Batch equipment is available in many configurations, including pit, bell, box and tip-up furnaces. If it stands alone, the furnace could include alloy skid rails to allow transferring loads in and out via forklift truck. 4. Product Features Manufacture by the furnace body, the stainless steel crucible, multiple swinging material frame, stainless steel fast cold box, the heating unit and control the warm cabinet to be composed automatically. They can be part of a line or stand-alone. The most common method is flowing nitrogen through the furnace. National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 86 “Standard for Ovens and Furnaces,” requires that the oxygen be less than 1% prior to admission of ammonia. Because the compound layer can be brittle and could spall in service, it is desirable to minimize white-layer thickness. Oops! Nitriding and nitrocarburizing can be accomplished in a wide range of batch-style furnaces, including pit, bell, box, integral-quench and tip-up. IH In some instances, the retort is pulled, and an external cooling stand and blower arrangement are employed. This type of furnace includes a cover that provides access for transferring workloads in baskets or loaded fixtures in and out of the unit using an overhead crane (Fig. However, it does require quite a bit more ceiling height than a pit furnace. High surface hardness and minimal distortion. To obtain repeatable metallurgical results, it is necessary to control the nitriding potential (KN), which is defined by equation 3. Fans can be positioned above or below the workload area. One type of continuous furnace used for nitriding is a pusher-style. In extreme cases or under the wrong circumstances violent explosions can also occur. I want to hear from you. Otherwise, it can be located in radiant tubes. A forklift truck can be used to transfer loads in and out of the furnace. A compound, or white, layer that consists of gamma prime and epsilon nitrides forms on a part’s surface during single-stage nitriding. No matter which type of equipment is selected, it is also important that a forced-circulation system is included to obtain uniform results. Typically, between 5 and 10 volume changes of the nitrogen is required to purge the air out of the furnace and can be determined when initially starting up a new furnace. Selecting the optimum solution starts with gathering the following information: 06 Gas nitriding and nitrocarburising In order to achieve specific properties and the desired surface quality after heat treatment of a steel workpiece, numerous process parameters need to be controlled. Since this temperature range is well above the auto-ignition temperature of endothermic gas, it is possible to safely use the burn-in technique when introducing the atmosphere. Becker – A Gasbarre Furnace Products Company, tel: 815-721-6467; e-mail: Check out the November 8, 2020 issue of Industrial Heating, featuring the "Nadcap Heat-Treatment-Specific Guidance", "A Closer Look at NDT in Aerospace Applications", and much more. For more information: Contact Patrick Weymer, sales and applications engineer, J.L. We will provide the best service and price for our customers. Gas Nitriding Furnaces are provided for temperature ranges from 150ºC to 700ºC. With either method, the heat source (gas burners or electric elements) must be isolated from exposure from the processing gas. Copyright ©2020. As indicated previously, ammonia provides the source of nitrogen in gas nitriding. Better white-layer control has been reported when dissociated ammonia is used during the second and subsequent stages of nitriding. Either in/out or straight-through types can be used for controlled nitriding and nitrocarburizing (ferritic or austenitic). Gasbarre Pit Furnaces are available in numerous sizes and configurations, with features and options customized to your unique needs. Tell me how we can improve. The Gas Nitriding Furnace is a batch furnace used for ammonia based processes. The focus of this article will be on batch equipment and the features essential to successful gas nitriding. Available floorspace, preferred handling methods (e.g., powered load-transfer cart, overhead crane, forklift truck) and the degree of flexibility and automation needed If part of a line including a powered load-transfer cart, the workload supports consist of roller rails and chain guides similar to internal-quench furnace lines. Part configuration: Long parts would typically be processed vertically while small parts could be loaded into baskets for processing in either horizontal or vertical equipment 1. NFPA 86 also requires that combustible gas be purged out of a furnace at the end of a cycle. View Furnace. In contrast, air must be purged out of the furnace prior to admission of ammonia into a nitriding furnace. By closing this message or continuing to use our site, you agree to the use of cookies. The furnace using ultra-energy structure, the industry's advanced of high-purity ceramic fiber insulation. Other items to consider are the type of heating and cooling systems, manual or automatic dissociation, or nitriding-potential measurement and/or control. It is important to avoid having the retort interact with the ammonia and absorb atomic nitrogen intended for the parts. Pit furnace line with removable retort Both batch and continuous equipment can be used for gas nitriding. Continuous systems tend to be expensive from a capital cost and installation standpoint and are less flexible than batch equipment. Für die sorglose Wärmebehandlung bei Ihnen vor Ort. ZeroFlow® is a modern, energy-saving and ecological gas nitriding technology used in HRN/VRN type furnaces, allowing for the precise development of the preset composition of the nitrided layer, composed only of alpha, alpha+gamma’ or alpha+gamma’+epsilon …

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