grateful dead live 1970

Fun listening on New Year's Eve 2010-2011. What better way to end such a mind-bending show than with a perfect Swing Low, Sweet Chariot? Does anybody know where the acoustic Dead is from? Amazing. ;-). Not much to add beyond all the superlatives posted below by so many fans. and freak out your house pets with this Dark Star. I'm already writing and I'm on Casey Jones. It was simply massive to see these guys for the first time in Europe. Grateful Dead Live at Newcastle-Under-Lyme on 1970-05-24, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help,,,, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). Growing up less than five miles from there, I attended most of The Capital Theater shows over the years. I was at the show with friends. IT HAS SOME 30 ITEMS: CUTTINGS, REVIEWS, T-SHIRT, BADGES, CDs, 100 PAGE BOOK, AND DVD WITH FOOTAGE OF THE FESTIVAL, INC' THE DEAD. 10 stars to the Dead, the Riders and spirits in the room. Attics of My Life is also strong. Flawlessly they segue into Easy Wind! truly grateful! Bless you Ken & Judy Lee for your wonderful recordings of these Capitol shows! Free and a very young Black Sabbath were on the bill too. to the uploader, many thanks!!!!! At the top of their game on this one. E-MAIL ME IF YOU NEED HELP garrymarsh@. THANK YOU Ken & Judy!!! You can feel the power of the amplifiers...the sensitivity of the microphones. you guys giving 3 stars need to go back to mars. I completely lose myself in the music, it's made me shed tears, I've had an out of body experience listening to this dark star, it is beautiful, THE most amazing thing I have EVER heard, just beautiful. ...if this is considered unlistenable. The Dark Star Jam out of Attics is simply sublime GD music. I am a late 70's guy but 1970 has been blowing my mind a lot lately! A very Magical night with the boys. I would have loved to have been there. Fans don’t often evolve as quickly as the band - at least in my case. primal show, worth streaming. Thank you, "Port Chester Resurrection Project". eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'liveforlivemusic_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',140,'0','0']));As journalist and noted Dead scholar Jesse Jarnow notes, the climax jam of the show is the lengthy “Not Fade Away” > “Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)” > “We Bid You Good Night” to end the set. Dead-NRPS1970-6-24ED1T09-WorkinManBlues.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24ED1T10-WatchaGonnaDo.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24ED1T11-LiveAndLetLive.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24ED1T14-PortlandWoman.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24ED1T15-DirtyBusiness.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24ED2T01-TruckDrivinMan.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24ED2T02-LastLonelyEagle.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24ED2T03-HonkeyTonkWomen.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24LD3T12-6DaysOnTheRoad.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24LD4T01-IDontKnowYou.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24LD4T02-TogetherAgain.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24LD4T03-FairChanceToKnow.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24LD4T04-PortlandWoman.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24LD4T05-GardenOfEden.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24LD4T07-AllIEverWanted.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24LD4T09-LouisianaLady.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24LD4T10-HonkeyTonkWomen.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24LD5T01-MeAndMyUncle.ogg, Dead-NRPS1970-6-24LD5T13-SwingLowSweetChariot.ogg, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). These ARE 35 year old tapes, after all. I am not one of those people who gives 5 stars to a show just to go along with the other reviewers. Attics is fully "Dark Starred" and has some wonderful moments, including a single bent note by Jerry as they approach the first verse and the delightful scream by a lady in the audience during the "When I had no wings to fly" line. The first time I listened to this I really enjoyed the unfamiliar sounding Sugar Magnolia. The rest of 1970 found the group grinding out for 30-plus more live dates, folding the Workingman’s … This is the best Grateful Dead show of all time.. period. I love the occasional shreeks of joy you hear in the audience whenever Jerry pulls off another amazing musical idea. If Pigpen’s bluesy frontman vocal performance on “Caution” doesn’t send the listener into oblivion, the swell’s of Garcia’s guitar during the jam should certainly do the job. THERE IS A HOLLYWOOD MUSIC FESTIVAL BOX SET AVAILABLE! The early show is fantastic, with a great acoustic Attics, but it's the late show that really shines. one of the most amazing live recordings ever! Just listen up you will not be dissapointed!! The sound is not pristine, nor is it horrible. If you haven't downloaded this, do it now! It's still so much better than about 90% of the cassettes I ever had it's not even funny! If there was ever a confused tangle of sources for a show, this is a candidate for champion. Documenting The Dead. Big, big thanks. The sound quality does take away from some of this tapes glory, but the music is so good it just melts through straight to your brain! I was 5 days short of my 20th birthday the night I saw this show. You've heard the phrase "when the music plays the band?" this 42 song fest was a pivotal time for the band. As stated before by someone else, not the best show, not the best 1970's show, not even the best June show, but definitely nothing else like it and you can tell the fun that was happening inside the theatre that night. now comes the 70s abnd te boys repertoir exploded. It's long and it takes forever to download it. The text file for this recording is available here: This is it, this is the show, this is THE ONE. Very strong performance of The Dead in Newcastle, UK some 33 years ago. The band returned in force with their electric instruments to open the second half of the show with another new tune in “Casey Jones”, and confidently charged their way through their classic “China Cat Sunflower” > “I Know You Rider” combination to kickstart set two. One of my favorite Rider's. Truly KILLER! Official Site Of The Grateful Dead. It's just one of those shows that looks a little better on the set list than it actually sounds. look at 68 and 69 and you find electric fests of 6 or 7 songs. This is what I downloaded and all you do is open up the FLAC frontend and drag the file in and hit decode. The quality gets better as the show continues. Official Site Of The Grateful Dead. Thank you. Listening to this with headphones is awesome. Listeners should note that the band does not have access to the soundboard recordings for this show, so it’s not perfect, but it does deliver. I was wrong. A GREAT COLLECTORS ITEM. But I wanted to comment of the lack of soundboard recordings for this era. OH, what a great show. Great sound and what an epic Dark Star - they pass on some of the spacey noodling and instead, every time it gets really stretched out they weave it all into another tune. If you are a Pigpen fan then I warn you: have a handkerchief ready when you listen to the Lovelight cuz the sound is not all it could be but ... but ... but .. Nice jam in dark star worth the listen. Listen to the whole show for a slice of time and wonderful music, but the magic bus ride begins at NFA. This Dark Star is the best. 1970's intense. The February 1970 concerts. I don't know what I can really add to all the excellent previous reviews on here from the folks before me, but I will sure try. On February 11, 13, and 14, 1970, the Allman Brothers Band, along with the Grateful Dead and Love, played at Bill Graham's Fillmore East auditorium in New York City.The performances were taped by the Grateful Dead's sound engineer, Owsley ("Bear") Stanley.. Fillmore East, February 1970 … The Acoustic Dead played beautiful renditions of Attics Of My Life, F.O.D., and Candyman! The best source we're probably ever going to get is right here, and it contains everything but the early show electric and late show acoustic (try ID#: 32710...). Someone throw me a "heavy", I have just added some very interesting info about film footage that resides in the Deads vaults of the show itself and also of the visit to the UK in 1970, I WAS THERE! One of the all time best live recording's.This show is one of the rare gems, that catches the audience interaction with the band,and each other,in a way that puts you rite in the middle of the puddle.I don't give out 5's very often.But I can smell the hot dogs cooking in the concession stand on this one,so 5 it is. Nice New Riders set. The sweetest rose of colour. Well, during the second part of Dark Star (after Attics) something really powerful grabbed the Dead by the scruff of their neck and BLASTED its message through them like water through a fire hose.

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