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This means that the knife has quality materials and features an impeccable design. I have never been a huge fan of 420HC. The Link is a fine knife. When I head to the campsite, I inevitably find myself wondering which knife I should grab. Apart from being a bit too heavy, all features of the Link are incredible. As an aside, Kershaw also offers the Link with a tanto blade. These cookies do not store any personal information. As I have previously mentioned, this is an anodized aluminum handle over stainless steel liners. The pocket clip is reversible as well, so you can easily store your knife in the left or right direction or tip up or tip down direction. In addition to scratch and wear resistance, the DLC coating on the Blur gives it a nice matte black look. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. 14C28N is also durable steel which is a must for a knife you’re going to use daily for various tasks. Although I am a sucker for a good deep carry pocket clip, it definitely hasn’t stopped me from carrying the Blur. Congrats on acquiring the new Damascus version as well. The knife can hold an edge easily. The Link has an overall length of 7.6″, a 3.25″ blade, weighs 4.8 ounces, and is made in the USA. Other than a few small blemishes on the scales from rubbing against other EDC trinkets in my pocket, the Blur has maintained its appearance well. If you’re looking for a more “tactical” looking everyday carry blade the Flash is definitely one to look at, but most people in a day-to-day work environment tend to prefer a more discreet look which the Blur is better suited for. Looking for an all-purpose blade that’s affordable yet refuses to compromise on quality? I’m carrying a Nirvana right now, but if I needed to do something abusive I would go grab my Oso Sweet or Skyline instead. The fit and finish is excellent. Highly texturized scales that perform well in any environment. Filed Under: Assisted and Automatic Knives, Collectable Knives, EDC Knives, Kershaw, Made in the USA, USA Made EDC Knives Tagged With: 420HC, aluminum, speedsafe. The Link is a USA made knife, and Kershaw describes this as the missing “link” between USA manufactured quality and reasonable price (get it?). I love the BlackWash finish most of all—it’s my new favorite look, and I loved how it held up well to scratches and abuse. Welcome to Kershaw Link 20 CV Review with SKU 17760 again USA made. The Link comes with a stainless steel liner lock. This was a huge deal when the series first came out, as Emerson’s blades are known for being quirky and expensive. I’m probably not the guy to ask if you are looking for “the one” knife as I have had hundreds pass through my hands, but I think if you buy a nice Benchmade or Spyderco you will be in great shape. Hey, I'm Drew! Fits well in different hand sizes; One-handed deployment and closing (Strong lockup). There is plenty of room for a full grip, the flipper forms a nice forward guard, and there are no sharp corners to speak of. No, Kershaw is banking that a sub-$70 USA-made assisted-open folder with a beautiful BlackWash stainless steel blade will practically sell itself as American innovation. All in all, the knife is strong, durable and sharp. This is why this knife is a top option for self-defense use. Aftermarket clips have become abundant for many popular knives and the Blur’s options are no different. The Kershaw Link boasts of the following unbeatable features. I have recently begun to prefer pocket knives without any dedicated finger grooves or finger choils. A portion of the liner sandwiched between the scales moves in behind the blade tang as its opened. The Blur has been around for about a decade now and has proven itself in that time. Behind the steel plate where the handle is attached, the liner pushes the blade outward and locking it into place. The handle is drilled for ambidextrous tip up carry. Features. While I own knives that are essentially collectibles, I still carry and use knives all the time. First things first: let’s go over the Kershaw Blur’s basic specifications. I’ll be the first to admit that the Blur does not scream “look at me!” in a fashionable sense, but it is a great-looking knife regardless. All the knives I mentioned affordable and beautiful and have a broad array of styles. Most photos make the inserts appear to be sandpaper-ish in nature, but they actually have more of a textured rubber feel in hand. Read our full Kershaw Link Review and find out why we believe this is an excellent all purpose tool. Final Thoughts. I understand that probably wasn’t possible given the price of the knife and the rest of the features. I like the shape of the Benchmade blades but again I just don’t know which is going to be the best blade for the type of use I described. From Kershaw’s beautiful anodizing on the aluminum scales to the detailed laser etched logos, you will be hard-pressed to find a better knife for under $100 with the attention to detail Kershaw puts into the Blur. The fact that it's made in Tualatin, Oregon is a bonus that just makes it even more attractive. I’ll admit my OCD kicks in when I get a brand new knife in and I have to tinker for several minutes getting the blade “just right.”. I hope it sells well for them and we get a number of different versions. BladeHQ also offers a damascus version of the Link. I try to keep my knives in the best shape I can but some finishes wear more than others. 7 Ways To Sharpen a Camping Knife: Pros Vs. Cons, Victorinox Swiss Army 8-inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife: Review, Gear of the Year Awards 2015: Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit, Gear of the Year Awards 2015: Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife. Great review! My personal preference for a camp knife is one that has a little bit of weight to it. The 420HC blade is a medium grade steel that is non-corrosive and strong. We set up criteria for the knife and determined how it performed. Of course, [...]. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The reversible pocket clip allows you to carry the knife in all positions. Jan 22, 2007. You then have to manually finish closing the knife. Kershaw managed to do a lot here with a modest budget. The Injection 3.0, the Emerson Collabs, and the Strobe are nice knives for the money, but I think each model left the reviewer asking for a little more. MXG makes a wonderful deep carry pocket clip that makes the Blur sit much deeper in the pocket. Share your knife pictures on our Facebook group & get a chance to win a knife of your choice. The handle comes in a variety of three types, the knife being reviewed in this article has an aluminum handle. The slight recurve in the “belly” of the blade allows for easier cuts when processing common cordage such as paracord and small rope. 5,326. I was hooked. How Do Survival Tactics Change in the Winter? Thankfully, Kershaw didn’t do anything weird here. The Kershaw Link outshone due to its sleek and stylish outlook. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. It is much easier to carry due to its shorter size and lesser weight. The Chinese stuff (and even ZT, to an extent) distract from their real talent: making high value US made knives. It is far superior to the Chinese Kershaws I have previously reviewed. I simply wasn’t exposed to anyone around me who viewed them as more than utilitarian in nature. Best Tactical Knives That’s probably why Kershaw gave it the 1776 designation—typically reserved for tacky, flag-adorned, red white and blue knives that give a bit more obvious homage to the United States. Kershaw Link: Review. This is one of Kershaw’s better budget offerings in recent memory. If it’s not, then it’s a useless tool. Most blade enthusiasts, like ourselves, are constantly on the lookout for that perfect knife that functions both as a survival tool as well as a self-defense tool. The Kershaw Link 1776 features a drop-point blade with 420HC stainless steel. It is everything you want in a knife. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The Link has an almost dystopian look to it with it’s blackwashed blade and matte grey handles. And it’s Made in the USA—right in Kershaw’s manufacturing facility in Tualatin, Oregon. I have also used the knife extensively on cardboard and has always done a good job. Kershaw Link Serrated Folding Pocket Knife, Retractable steel blade has carbon and chromium for strength and corrosion resistance. I think it spoils the lines of the knife, and I am not a fan of tantos for a utility knife. Learn how your comment data is processed. They may come loose after using the knife a couple times or strip out when you go to disassemble for cleaning. Us enthusiasts still need knives that we can beat on and not worry about damaging or losing, or loaning out as needed. You end up opening and closing it fifty times before you even use it. It seems like historically their best stuff has been the USA made Kershaws, and the Link continues the path forged by knives like the Skyline, Blur, and Knockout. That’s great. The plastic handled version is probably more practical. It clocks in at $80, and may be worth the premium in price of you like the design. The Trac-Tec inserts are incredibly grippy and keep the knife secure in your hand without being aggressive. All feel good in my hand. The lock bar is easy enough to get at when you want to close the blade. Any advice along those lines would be helpful.

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