land o lakes heavy whipping cream walmart

STEP 1. For more information, call 1-800-854-3243. STEP 2. For Sugar-Free Whipped Cream please visit our product locator.
I picked up a quart of Land O Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream at my local big box store yesterday, along with a quart of the Big Box's brand of heavy whipping cream; which is the kind that I normally use because it is about $1.50 less expensive than the Land O Lakes cream.

There is no difference, heavy whipping cream is also known as heavy cream. Land O Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream From the company that started as a co-op in the early 1920s and claims to have led the way in selling butter in stick form, Land O Lakes offers a heavy whipping cream that promises a farm-fresh taste. Perfect for topping fresh berries, ice cream sundaes or a steaming cup of hot chocolate, Land O Lakes® Aerosol Whipped Cream adds an irresistible finishing touch to your favorite dessert recipes.
What is the difference between heavy whipping cream and heavy cream? Heavy Whipped Cream is available at select Costco locations. Chill mixing bowl in refrigerator until ready to use.

Available in Whipped Heavy Cream, Whipped Light Cream and Sugar-Free Whipped Cream. For more information, call 1-800-854-3243. The company states, "Our authentic heavy whipping cream promises rich, naturally delicious results..." Light Whipped Cream is available at select Costco locations. Heavy whipping cream has a … Note: I use a lot of cream--in baking and just in general consumption. For more information on these fine products call 1-800-854-3243

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