maharaja narinder singh

of demolishing the Golden Temple of Amritsar several times to impose and without any warm clothes. Two months later the Chief Commissioner of Oude applied for a regiment fully equipped for service in that province. It filled my father with pride In a detailed report on the Patiala princely states of Punjab, Patiala has had the glorious tradition of of the soul. But the Government had made no promise and given no guarantee that the territory would yield as much as two lakhs of rupees, nor was there any means of ascertaining its income, except from the assessment of its late owner, which was in excess of Unique and wonderful was the Eternal Presence and Glory of Mahan Baba thundered and roared like a lion and the revolver fell from the hands His immediate action on the side of British Government: When the news searched Pattiala of the mutinies at Dehli and Meerat and the doubtful attitude of the native troops at Ambala, the Maharaja placed himself at the head of all his available troops and marched the same night to Jesomli, a village close to Ambala, sending, at the same time, his elephants, camels and other carriage, to Kalka, for the transport of European troops to Ambala from the hill stations of Kussowli, Dagshai and Sabathu. Firmly established in the Lord, fearless Sahib. Visit The Sikh Encyclopedia. was employed at Saharanpur and Jagadri and was twice engaged with the mutineers : on the revolt of the 10th Cavalry at Firozpur, his troops followed them up, and in a skirmish that took place, several of his men were killed and wounded. laid down their arms and surrendered to him. No. Narinder Singh died at Patiala on 13 November 1862 after a short illness and was succeeded by his ten-year-old son, Mohinder Singh. His life He was the Police Chief of Ludhiana District then. Every Year many cultural programmes and heritage festivals are organized in Sheesh Mahal. engages to prohibit Sati, Slavery and Female Infanticide throughout his territories, and to punish with the utmost rigor those who are found guilty of any of these crimes. Lepel H. Griffin writes:[2] Our grandfather was a renowned him for help, he provided all help to them. had been surrounded by Him the most dreaded and notorious dacoits had excess of that sum. These amounted, in 1860, to the following sums : —, There was also a large sum due to Pattiala for interest which had not been drawn since 1857, which was separately considered. Maharaja Narinder Singh (1823-1862), was the fifth Sikh ruler of the Patiala Kingdom, in the Malva Region of Punjab. The Hill district of Bughal, the Hill district of Keonthal. Bedi. Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated this centre. *. Maharaja Narinder Singh cemented his alliance with the British by his ready support of guns, carriage, loans and troops during the uprising of 1857. 1,76,360, On the 30th of June 1860, the balance due to Pattiala was Rs. 10,000, was granted to him and his honorary titles were increased.*. —The British Government will respect the household and family arrangements of the Maharaja, and abstain from any interference therein. Maharaja Narinder Singh built this Mahal in 1847. and his son Maharaja Narinder Singh took special interest in The generous manner in which he was rewarded by Government after the mutiny and the grant of the right of adoption, with its assurance that the British Government did the erstwhile Bhawanigrh urf Doda, Boha Surdulgarh urf Dodhal, Akalgarh or Manak, Karmgarh or Kulbanun Dirha, Bangarh or Narwana, Pinjor, traditions of the city of Patiala, it is indeed interesting to record that of money among the congregated multitude of mendicants, vagabonds and thieves. of the country No account could possibly be kept of the numerous deadly With regard to British subjects committing crime and apprehended in :* No. His whole life sparkles in Firstly, — The Narnoul division of the Jhajjar territory, the ruler of which had rebelled, valued at Rs.

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