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Here are the best sports documentaries available to stream on Netflix right now. From The Last Dance to Cheer and Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez. Take this quiz to find out, Trial 4 on Netflix: The full story of the Sean K Ellis case and where he is now, I’d rather drop out of university than have to self-isolate in halls again, Joe Biden’s grandchildren are on TikTok and here’s everything you need to know, This is how old the teen cast of Dash and Lily on Netflix are in real life, QUIZ: Build a TikTok house and we’ll tell you which uni you should’ve gone to, This is how to do the eye shape chart challenge that’s all over TikTok right now, ‘Scars from abuse made me insecure’: Bella Poarch shares why she has so many tattoos, Meet the cast of Industry: BBC’s new drama about banking grads in the City. He was found guilty in 2015 and then died by suicide in 2017. The Manassas Tigers high school football team had spent years turning in losing seasons. Underdog stories. Bryan Fogel’s stunning documentary about Russia’s Olympic doping program won best documentary feature at the 2018 Academy Awards—a deserving accolade for a film that not only lifted the veil on the Kremlin’s state-sponsored cheating, but plays out like a real-life political thriller. “A no-holds-barred interview with one of the most talented and enigmatic footballers England has ever known. Sure, football's a rough and tumble sport, but Cheer proves that those on the sidelines have it rough, too. The documentary takes you through the struggles in his early life, how he became one of the biggest NFL players of his generation and then ended up as a convicted killer. “Pro cycling’s Team Movistar set their sights on victory on the road as they face challenges, controversy and internal conflict.”. Netflix’s Cheer follows Navarro College’s cheer team for a whole year, capturing every practice, injury, fall-out and dispute up until Daytona, where the Navarro cheerleaders compete in the National Cheerleading Association’s (NCA) annual competition. The heartbreaking retrospective tracks the champion from his early days in racing to his high-profile rivalry with Alain Prost to his tragic death. The three-part docuseries explores the crimes of former NFL player Aaron Hernandez. Kids Golf World Championship. Unmissable.”, “Telling the story of the Zephyr skateboarding team of the ‘70s. "Home Game" is Netflix's new extreme sports documentary, that introduced the world to the blood-spattered world of Florence's violent take on football, calcio storico. The Speed Cubers is an example of a sports documentary that's not centered on one of the mainstream sports that you'd first think of—this story is about the relationship between Max Parks and Feliks Zemdegs, two of the fastest Rubik's Cube solvers in the world. Calcio storico is played by players in a version of historical costume. “If you don’t think college cheerleading is a sport, then frankly you’re wrong, and coach Monica Aldama will happily tell you why. Young people might not know much about Stephon Marbury, the basketball prodigy whose life took him from Coney Island, to the highest peaks of the NBA, to playing in China. A look inside a highly competitive cheerleading program at a college in the small town of Corsicana, Texas, the docuseries follows young athletes who are trying to balance their personal lives with, well, actual balancing as they're thrown into the air, on each other's shoulders, and risk their lives for the sport.

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