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A live-action version of this 1989 animated movie would have an "in" with modern-day kids, thanks to its titular character sharing his name with the fish in Finding Nemo. Swan Princess fans may never get to see one of their favorite actresses cast as Odette, but at least they can soon watch her head off on yet another animated adventure (shockingly, there have already been over half a dozen Swan Princess sequels). Sure, a production company could terrify children by making realistic goblins that look disgusting and creepy, but why not go the Labyrinth route instead? It would also be awesome to see a live-action Japanese princess, which is something that Disney probably won’t be introducing its fans to anytime soon. Its gorgeous, ethereal animation does an incredible job of making it look like a fairy tale book in motion. I'd also like to see more of the prankster princess who turns Prince Rollo off by acting like a royal Harley Quinn. This is another fairy tale that Don Bluth beat Disney to. The Thief and the Cobbler has achieved mythical status among animation fans for being stuck in production hell for three decades. The warrior princess is too awesome to hang out with the ballgown brigade; she rides wolves and rocks red war paint that looks like blood smeared on her face. Dragons play an important role in this 1982 animated movie, so perhaps its live-action reboot would be the perfect family film for Game of Thrones fans who miss seeing Daenerys’s majestic children take flight on the HBO fantasy show (at least viewers wouldn’t have to fret over how a live-action version of this movie will end). However, Polygon disagrees, noting that she probably won't ever be added to the lineup of official Disney princesses because of the entertainment conglomerate's pickiness when it comes to which characters are allowed to join the merchandise franchise. Nostalgia might make some of them seem better than they actually are, so they could actually benefit from being redone as more realistic movies. I also would have liked to include that movie on this list, but, while the Unicorn does fall in love with a prince, she never becomes a princess by marrying him. Her parents think that she’s a divine princess, so they do everything they can to make her life resemble that of a mortal royal, including moving her to a mansion in the capital. However, there’s a big twist in this tale when Kaguya’s true origin is revealed. It’s based on a popular Japanese folk tale, and it features a story that isn’t as formulaic as some of the others on this list. I know a lot of Hayao Miyazaki fans are firmly against having any of the filmmaker's beloved animated classics adapted as live-action films. However, while she’s a Thumbelina-sized nymph at the strange start of her life, Kaguya quickly grows into a full-sized girl. There’s also time travel, various beasties, and a plot that’s a little like Disney’s Enchanted in reverse: A modern man from our world is transported to a fairy tale land by wizards. This movie isn't that memorable or exciting, but there's plenty of room for improvement. When it comes to movies featuring fairytale characters, Disney definitely wrote the book on how to bring storybook characters to life by making them animated. Kaguya attempts to avoid marriage by doling out impossible quests to potential suitors, a fairy tale trope that might be familiar to those who enjoy the Brothers Grimm. The scene where Daria dances around in a gown of fluttering moths is pretty magical, and it’s fun that the “princess singing to animals” trope gets a dark twist when Daria’s critter conversations get her denounced as an evil witch by a horde of bloodthirsty villagers. Sure their insta-love isn't ideal, but who can blame Thumbelina for falling for the only other tiny human being she's ever seen? On film, they tend to be something for kids because Disney has turned so many into animated tales for young audiences. What I like about the love story here is that Princess Yum-Yum falls for the lowly cobbler early on, and he never tries to win her over with lies (I'm looking at you, "Prince Ali"). This movie was produced by Rankin and Bass, the same duo behind the beloved animated classic The Last Unicorn. Basically, Odette is cursed to turn into a swan during the day, and she can only become human on moonlit nights. Movies based on fairy tales by zlatinaspasova | created - 30 Nov 2016 | updated - 09 Jun 2017 | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Here's a look at the non-Disney princesses who deserve their own happy endings as flesh-and-blood fairy tale heroines. Here's a look at some animated fairytale movies that weren't produced by the House of Mouse: This is definitely one of the most successful series of movies featuring fairytale characters. Fans of the House of Mouse have already watched a fairy godmother transform Downton Abbey star Lily James into Cinderella, and they’ve seen Harry Potter actress Emma Watson trade her wand for a talking teacup to play Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

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