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"text": "This will depend on the size of the chair itself, but it’s smart to have a good 5 feet at least of space surrounding you so you don’t hit any walls or parts of your home." Rocking back and forth can increase blood flow, however, which is great for the body overall.Q: How much space does a rocking chair need?A: This will depend on the size of the chair itself, but it’s smart to have a good 5 feet at least of space surrounding you so you don’t hit any walls or parts of your home.Q: Do I need to wash my chair?A: You should do so regularly, and you can do this by using water and soap to remove any dirt and grime that may have built up over time.Tips For Choosing Outdoor Rocking Chairs#1: If your chair has cushions, also wash these regularly.They can easily accumulate dust and dirt. Qui Est Paul? If they’re finished with a weather-proof coating then they can last even longer but expect to pay a bit more for it.Mock Woods: These give you the best of both worlds. Of course, the lifespan will only lengthen if you put them indoors during cold weather. "@type": "Question", and it won’t splinter, crack, peel, etc. "acceptedAnswer": { } Your email address will not be published. Learn more. You and a loved one can sway in comfortable tandem in a POLYWOOD outdoor rocking chair set for two. "@type": "Answer", "acceptedAnswer": { Cushion filling included: Yes Made of solid bamboo, this chair is easy to clean, strong and durable. Seat height: 41 cm, Relax in style with the Outdoor Aluminium Rocking Chair. The natural wooden finish is sure to give your space a more classic feel and if you’d like, you can even stain it on your own for a personalized touch! }, { The comfortable padded cushions boast a floral pattern in blue against a beige background. This stunningly modern chair is 100% recyclable and can be enjoyed on the patio or in the living room. It won’t matter much if you pick the most durable model out there.If it doesn’t support your weight properly you’re not even going to be able to use it comfortably or relax fully.Not only that but even if you’re very close to the weight limit of the chair in question, you could greatly reduce the lifespan of the model which is ultimately going to be a hassle and cost you money to replace it.The norm here is 250 pounds, though there are a few that have weight limits of less than this and there are some on our guide that even go up to an impressive 500 pounds!PortabilityNot only should you check the weight capacity of the chair you have your eye on, but check the weight of the chair itself!These vary widely as you can imagine, depending on the construction and the material they’re made out of.As many people like to do, you may want to just leave your chair on your patio or in your garden and never really plan on moving it.If that’s the case, then the weight isn’t going to be that big of a factor.However, if you want to take it indoors once the weather starts getting bad or to pack up and take to a barbecue or sports game, then you’ll want to look into it.Timber Ridge Smooth Glide Padded Folding Rocking ChairMaterialsObviously, the chair will perform differently depending on the materials they’re made out of. "@type": "Question", }{ These will have weather-proof coatings typically to make sure they hold up against harsh weather." There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Outdoor Interiors Resin Wicker and Eucalyptus Rocking Chair at a Glance:Materials: Brazilian EucalyptusWeight Capacity: 250 poundsColors: 2Warranty: n/a#7 Best Choice Products Wooden Log Rocking Chair Our guide wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include the Best Choice Products Hardwood Rocking Chair.Best Choice Products is a brand known for delivering high-quality at an affordable price, so if you’re on a budget you don’t want to miss out on this one.The natural wooden finish is sure to give your space a more classic feel and if you’d like, you can even stain it on your own for a personalized touch!Expand To See MoreSee LessThe sturdy rocking base allows for gentle and consistent relaxation and stress relief while you look out at the stars or simply take in the outdoors.The natural look will instantly make you feel at ease, complementing any place you put it in like the garden.The fanned back design not only looks vintage, but comes with a curved, slatted backrest and sloped seat so you can lean back a bit and really start resting.Despite being made of solid wood, it’s surprisingly lightweight, so you can move it around as you’d like.Keep in mind that the weight capacity is 250 pounds, which is pretty much “the norm” for these kinds of chairs.You can plan on having this rustic rocking chair for many years to come, and ensure it lasts throughout every season thanks to the durable build. "aggregateRating": { Not only that, but it doesn’t have that weird waxy feel or shiny look like many “fake wood” furniture does.The strong, fade-resistant material is made to hold up to regular use and the elements so you can leave it outdoors without problem. If you want something less stationary, then check out the Timber Ridge Camping Rocking Chair. We recommend!”. Not only that, but they can harbor bacteria which isn’t just unhealthy but can create unwanted odors and stains.#2: Make sure it works with your height.If you’re particularly tall or short, make sure to check the dimensions of the seat and the seat back to make sure it will work for you and be comfortable.#3: If you’re planning on having drinks, make sure you have a safe place to put them.Some of the chairs come with specified drink holders, while others come with included tables to set them down safely.SummaryNow that we’ve come to the end of our guide and you’ve read all about the best porch rocking chairs, have you decided which seat you’ll be using this year?If you haven’t made up your mind, there’s no need to worry. "@type": "Answer", "acceptedAnswer": { "acceptedAnswer": { Of course you can always go ahead and purchase multiple chairs, but there are certain packages that alread come with a couple and can oftentimes save you money this way.

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