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Josephus wants us to believe that a contingent of Samaritans had aimed to march onto their sacred mountain Gerizim (Deuteronomy 11:29, see John 4:20) to look for some obscure Mosaic treasure, but was brutally beaten down by Pilate's men. If he hadn't been and his unfortunate name had been hereditary (from a family of which no other member is known to history), he would have surely changed it into something more conductive of a political career. Walker Buehler Ranking, Your email address will not be published. The empire, in turn, goes through great lengths to perpetuate the nonsensical suggestion that Jesus of Nazareth is represented (or is a property owned) by the Christian church, but now you know that the truth is far more subtle and far more detrimental to the modern ruling elite. The word pilus also served as the name of a certain subdivision of a legion, and a pilanus was a kind of soldier that formed the third rank in battle. said jesting Pilate; and would not stay for an answer. Toronto, ON M5H 3G8 You are supporting science fraud. It's no far fetch to conclude that Josephus identified Pontius Pilate as the original catalyst of the revolt, not just as some bad manager who had antagonized the local populace, but rather as the founder of a movement, whose disciples finally gained such critical mass that they ignited the revolt: enemies of both the Roman empire and the peaceful debate between Jewish and Roman philosophers. Among these murderous conspirators was one Lucius Pontius Aquila, who was also a member of the Pontius family. Without Me Lyrics Eminem Clean, Jang Ja‑yeon, And although they have been condemned for this for centuries, in modern times we watch scary movies and eagerly ogle the evening anchors blather on about terrorists, simply because in the end it makes us feel safe and docile. Painstakingly Integrating The Implications Of Basic Science. Why Josephus became so upset with Pilate isn't clear beyond the obvious link he crafts between the latter and the Great Jewish Revolt and subsequent siege of Jerusalem, thirty years after Pilate's removal. And so it did, Josephus went on to explain. In The Army Now Lyrics, There is only one man named Pilatos mentioned in the Bible (or all of recorded history, for that matter) and that is Pontius Pilate, the infamous Roman governor of Judea at the time of the public life of Christ. Since totalitarianism and resistance against that are quintessential human endeavors, the rise of Rome and that of German national socialism were largely governed by the same natural forces, which worked the same both times and had similar effects. ", of Latin Quid est veritas? All-in-one Drop-in Kitchen Sink, But if you don’t do it you have no case. Its materials were recycled and Pilate's prideful plaque found its final resting place in the 4th century as part of a set of stairs towards the public tribune of a local theatre, face down and chiseled to size, in precise reversal of the famous capstone mentioned in Psalm 118:2. Anglesey child kidnap case: Six charged over 'knifepoint abduction' - BBC News, - He had won the decisive Battle of Porta Collina (82 BC), during which he had gone head to head with a coalition of more democratically minded generals, among whom general Pontius Telesinus. When I'm Gone Lyrics Flatbush, As mentioned above, several commentators insist that the name Pilatus came from the derived word pilleum, which denoted a small felt hat or fez-like cap, which was either tightly woven or else worn tightly on the head. Its signature attitude towards Rome was to simply not do anything other than stubbornly love one's neighbors and enemies alike, and pliantly keep whatever silly Roman law didn't violate God's law. For reasons we'll discuss below, this is so obviously a lie that we can only conclude that Josephus engineered a slanderous ruse about someone who should have been considered a minor player more than half a century earlier. What does Doctrine of lapse mean? A few decades before the gospels were produced, Philo had stated that Pilate had been of "inflexible, stubborn and cruel disposition" and "a spiteful and angry person", known by the Jews for "his venality, his violence, his thefts, his assaults, his abusive behavior, his frequent executions of untried prisoners, and his endless savage ferocity" (Emb.303).

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