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When manually switched on, or when the ambient temperature reaches the thermostats’ trigger point, the portable air conditioner will begin to suck the air in through an air inlet grille, usually through a filter. Don't miss our sale offers on portable air conditioners from big brands. As with most air conditioning units, the 7000 needs to be vented out of a window but it is supplied with a 1.8m window hose and a sash window/sliding door kit so you can do that straight out of the box. Once the warm air is inside, it is circulated around a refrigerated coil. Also, the exhaust pipe that is included is quite short and there is no window seal or mount sold with it. It’s rather noisy, which, if you’re a light sleeper, may make it difficult to use overnight. At 21kg, it’s just about movable on its caster wheels, though you’re restricted by the 1.5m hose and sliding window kit. This model is a good choice for you if you’re looking for a hassle-free, easy to use installation that can do the work on its own to optimise your comfort. Throw in a 1.8m hose and a bundled window kit, and you have what’s arguably the smartest compact PAC around. You can control it using the top-mounted touch controls or bundled remote, and there’s a 24-hour stop/start timer to cool your bedroom before you go to sleep. Like the majority of portable air cooler units on the market, the compressor is quite noisy, which may be something to be aware of if you’re thinking of using it overnight in your bedroom. Hard to beat at this price. At 34.5 x 37.8cm, it has a tiny footprint and stands less than a metre high, yet it can still dish out 7,000BTU of cooling, bringing down the temperatures in small-sized rooms of up to 18 square metres in size. The remote has a useful LED display, which is quite handy if the heat wakes you up during the night. In this section, we take a look a some of the key benefits of using a portable AC in your home or office. £299.99 FREE, fast delivery available FREE collection from store PRINCESS 352101 Portable Air Conditioner. Air Cooling Store The short exhaust pipe means you’re limited to placing it right in front of your window which could prove difficult if they are high up. Portable air conditioners take a lot of electricity to run. It works in the same basic manner as installed air conditioners, using refrigeration gases to cool warm air and eject heat. Like many other portable AC units we have seen, this one is quite noisy to run, especially on maximum cooling levels. However, like most portable air conditioning units, this model is fairly noisy, so you may not want to have it running overnight. We also like that the unit uses the more environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant. As you can leave the unit to maintain the ideal conditions, it doesn’t have a timer function. Portable air conditioners can also be used to keep you comfortable when you go away on holiday. While this product is marketed as silent, it is still quite noisy which is to be expected with a portable AC. One of the greatest things about portable appliances is their convenience. This stylish looking portable AC by Igenix can be also be used as a fan or dehumidifier. Review & Comparison, Last Update October 25, 2020 . The PAC AN98 ECO improves on the excellent PAX AN97 ECO by switching refrigerants to the more eco-friendly R290 and reducing the sound levels slightly to an average 47 to 50dB(A). Below this price, you tend to find evaporative air coolers rather than true air conditioners, which aren’t as effective. Compact, effective and affordable, the only downside of this excellent air conditioning unit is that's a touch on the noisy side. Moreover, while the omnidirectional casters certainly help, this model is a bit heavy. Additionally, the device comes with a wireless remote control. As for running costs, a higher BTU rating generally means the PAC will be doing more work and consuming more energy, but not all units are created equal.

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