qualities of a good girlfriend

She offers a shoulder to cry on. Charm — It’s the ability people like, the ability to get along with others, to make contact with anyone. Just make sure you do not abuse her kindness. 27. 22. If you and your partner live together or in the same city, she takes care to spend time with you engaging in novel activities that will strengthen the relationship. If this is your case, it only shows that you are not secured with his love and this gives your boyfriend a feeling of heaviness or burden. She should be kind to your family and friends as well, knowing that they are part of your world too. A girl who knows exactly wants she wants to be and pursues it with perseverance is a gem. Most men do not like guessing what is on your mind, so better say it out whatever you are thinking or feeling so that the two of you can deal with your issues like real adults. A good girlfriend would not want you to corrupt your character or be destroyed by negative habits, such as drug addiction, gambling, and other vices. A caring girlfriend gets to know your schedule so she can call, or video chat at convenient times and, even, plan regular phone or video chat dates if helpful. You know you got a girlfriend who truly loves you if she proudly introduces you to her family and friends. be shy about telling you how impressed she is at how hard you work. While it’s important for your girlfriend to tell you when she’s happy with or proud of you, it’s equally important for her to maintain an open dialogue about any problems that arise. Even if she meets someone more handsome or successful than you, she would not be entertaining him because of her commitment to your relationship. Journal of Personality, 61(4), 587–610. If she’s not willing to be truthful with herself about who she is, for better and for worse, then she can’t even begin to work on problems she’s brought to the relationship that are causing a rift between the two of you. Work on developing your sense of what researchers call “empathetic accuracy,” meaning the skill of correctly predicting the type of support your partner needs. Of course, it doesn’t always turn out this way, but, sometimes, bothersome things you or your girlfriend do are only a misunderstanding. Christine Lavosky is a graduate from Emerson College who uses her minor in Psychology to develop complex, realistic characters for her novel in progress as well as her creative non-fiction. Required fields are marked *, Below is a list of research studies that are currently open for participation. Never say rude words or nag at him because he eats the way he eats. Ideal Support in Romantic Relationships: Differences in Empathetic Accuracy (2011). 12. Let him spend time alone, respect him and never invade his privacy by going over his personal things like books, diaries, journals, computer or phone. Whenever they start an argument with their boyfriends, they tend to put words in their boyfriend's mouth or even bring up past issues which were resolved years ago. Look for a woman who can manage the house and knows how to budget finances wisely. She is not insecure. 11. Self-awareness is the first step of working on herself both to make her own life better and to iron out any roadblocks her problem or bothersome trait is causing in your relationship. Doing new things together will allow both of you to see sides of each other you never have before, thus helping the two of you to connect on a deeper level and grow closer.[i]. Unselfish. Maybe she continually asks you what you’re thinking because she’s worried it’s something bad. She should also be able to take care of your future kids. For example, let’s say a woman and her boyfriend live together and both have full-time jobs, yet somehow, the responsibility of cooking dinner falls to the woman every night. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc., or its affiliates. She can feed or protect herself, and does not rely on others to accomplish something. A girl must be loyal to her boyfriend. She does not tolerate your mistakes and bad habits. Treating other people kindly is a basic requirement in this lifetime. A caring girlfriend will try to be in tune with you, and recognize when you’re asking for help so that you do not have to ask for it repeatedly or go without support.[iii]. Everyone has a different definition of fun. Thus, if she thinks you may need support and simply aren’t asking for it, she should offer it in an open-ended manner, allowing you to accept or decline with equal ease. Qualities of a Good Girlfriend. She understands you are not perfect and gives you more time to mature, hoping you will eventually change. Even small disputes can cause tension in a relationship, yet this tension can, many times, be easily resolved, simply by talking about it. 4. Find a girl who has a sense of humor or, at least, knows how to make you laugh when you are down. #32 is not that important. 21, you are blessed if you can find a girlfriend who willingly gives second chances. Just like a woman, a man needs a woman who can let him be vulnerable, someone who will not nag at him when he reaches rock bottom but instead comfort him and lift him up. Another one of important qualities of a good girlfriend because it is important that you and your boyfriend treat each other like best friends, and best friends share a good sense of humor. … Read More... about Participate in Research. She would not keep you hidden even on social media. The most comfortable thing is to be oneself at anytime and anyplace. This is an important requirement for every relationship. She is honest with what she feels and what she thinks. 28. The day you accepted your boyfriend’s proposal to be his girlfriend, you also accepted him for who he is. She does not keep records of your wrongs. An ideal committed, long-term romance is, one of life’s closest relationships, meaning that as partners become more and more acquainted, they will come to learn a great deal about each other. 25. 9. A secure girl is someone who is confident in her own skin, knows her worth, and is not envious or threatened by others’ achievements. She follows her own dreams. It is also important that you and your boyfriend enjoy the same activities like video games, fishing, biking, hiking or simply spending time together. This makes the atmosphere lighter and happier even if some things go wrong or even turn for the worse. 3. Not only is it paramount for her to tell you her feelings, but the way in … Find a girl who knows when she is at fault and is humble enough to admit her mistakes and apologize for them. Your boyfriend has already proved his love for you when he exerted all his efforts in pursuing you. It sounds counterintuitive, but one of the qualities of a good girlfriend is one who knows to spend some time away from you, expanding her own self-growth and letting you do the same.

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