reflective essay on leadership and management

This creates statistically insignificant results. Why i join the military essay. If I can maintain a diary reflecting upon conflicts that have been resolved and concentrate on the problems and not the personalities then I will be moving towards a self managed way of dealing with confrontation. … This creates new challenges for people which maintains motivation” (LQF page 44). Knowledge and skills contribute directly to the process leadership, while the other attributes give the leader certain characteristics that make him or her unique. Chris John’s (1994; 1995) model arose from his work in the Burford Nursing Development Unit in the early 1990’s. Clamp (1980) noted that nurses’ attitudes largely govern how care is administered to their client and the commonest causes of poor care are ignorance and inappropriate attitudes. Finally, something I rarely do will be to take action on the plan immediately (Tracy, 2004, p7). Furthermore people have identified that I need to improve my long term planning and “see the bigger picture”, however, this is difficult if I am constantly dealing with the day to day urgent tasks or “Fire-fighting” as quoted by a peer. The first concept of leadership started forming with the strong alpha-male representation created by the father and grandfather figures. I will plan ahead, again documenting what needs to be achieved. (Caroselli, 2000)  On the other hand, a manager is situated in his position not because of his leadership qualities but through time and loyalty to a certain organization. This differs from the evaluation stage in that now you have explored the issue from different angles and have a lot of information to base your judgement. 1673 words (7 pages) Essay. The goal of nurses manager is to identify the environment’s resources and put them to work as a whole system in accomplishing goals and facilitating growth. I am HR department personnel of the organization; it is a prime duty to recruit a manager for a department within the Services division. My role as a leader is to identify, explore and resolve issues that may be causing conflict, this may be uncomfortable but can only be achieved with perseverance and some degree of risk (Outhwaite, 2003, p347-375). It there calls for leadership approach that is encompassed by a process that involves continuously influencing people and staying consistent throughout. I currently operate an “open door policy” and try to be approachable. All these achievements that I have previously never reflected upon will start to give me a sense of confidence and accomplishment I have never previously thought about. There is a significant difference between leadership and management however both skills have to be used collectively and both are important to a profitable … South Melbourne. Successful management of human services must integrate the concepts of organizational learning. At this stage, try to recall and explore those things that were going on inside your head. Harris and Hartman (2001) define organizational learning as “the ability of the institution as a whole to discover errors and correct them, and to change the organization’s knowledge base and values so as to generate new problem-solving skills and new capacity for action.” In the recent past, learning has emerged to be a fundamental factor in every successful organization and include three common levels. Leadership Reflective Essay: How To Improve Your Management Skills . It will also improve the interdepartmental conflicts and possible peer resentment that has been evident since my LQF. (Gallos, 2008)  In terms of management, which deals with complexity, planning and budgeting are always involved. If one is able to identify their strengths and any areas for development, this will result in being able to set realistic parameters and be able to capitalise on their strengths, interests and capabilities (Bennis, 2003, p47-64). It is not about “winning” confrontations and moving forward my way, but more that agreements and solutions end with a mutually beneficial or satisfying outcome (Covey, 2004, p207). We utilize security vendors that protect and ensure the integrity of our platform while keeping your private information safe. Page 1 of 50 - About 500 essays. The personal reflections of leadership and management within non-for-profit sector in U.A.E. This process (LQF) has forced me to be far more critical and reflective of myself. It contains thousands of paper examples on a wide variety of topics, all donated by helpful students. … Ideally I will start to document what it is I want to achieve since this will enable me to visualise what it is I am aiming for. At the same time, often people faces difficulties with the development of their leadership skills and abilities. I have used self assessment and feedback from colleagues in the form of my managers, peers and direct reports. In a typical nursing environment, there are staff members, clients, managers, situational variables such as polices and norms, and material resources, there are unique science it would be impossible to find this exact environment in another place or time. Sociology: understanding a diverse society. Leadership Reflection Not being able to achieve positive outcomes in conflicts and confrontations needs to be addressed. The outcome of reflection as identified by Mezirow (1981) is learning. This proves that leadership is just an asset and not a prerequisite to having a successful organization. You may need to ask more detailed questions about the answers to the last stage. when leadership comes to nursing, it is recognised that nurses  who have leadership capabilities can improve motivational levels of others in the work environment, this helps nurses to have a positive attitudes about their work, and to run their daily tasks and responsibilities more effectively. In simple terms the department of health is looking towards its own staff to develop and deliver their NHS improvement plan and are looking for visionary staff at all levels of experience (DH 1999)., Essay Summary of Business Management And Leadership, GE’s Two Decade Transformation Jack Welch’s Leadership Change Management. VAT Registration No: 842417633. Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher in nursing or healthcare? Consistency and value for others and their contributions are core determinant of change and eventual sustainability because the two are interlinked and congregate for improvement on organizational bottom-line. These may include financial management, staffing levels, waiting targets and service developments in line with the NHS improvement plan (DH 2004). The world has changed significantly since globalization. Data was strengthened when it was repeated in more that one case and in more than one method (Soy, 2006). Reflection starts with the individual or group and their own experiences and can result, if applied to practice, in improvement of the clinical skills performed by the individual through new knowledge gained on reflection. One of my peer comments was to do with the perception that my staff controls me and that I have little control over them. Being a leader is not as easy as it sounds. 1219 Words 5 Pages. IvyPanda. Leadership and Management are two of the most debated topics around (Connell, cross and parry). I have been able to identify key qualities from the LQF which not only fit in with my leadership philosophy but in my role as a leader. • What factors made me act in an in-congruent way? Autocratic style is a management style that takes a task-only focus and tends to make most of the decisions for the department without including the team as part of the decision-making. The systems and culture within organizations are in constant demand for change. The strategy to improve on my ability to confront colleagues in a self managed way will concentrate on conflict resolution. Retrieved from 1. Real change leaders are not found among the top executives within an organization. My own direct reports suggested that I dislike confronting them when standards are slipping or when disciplinary issues need resolving (LQF, p 44-45). Specifically, the two subjects that I found most applicable was time management and leadership. Remember. The practices and methods in management are mostly responses to the rise of huge organizations. One particular peer is very judgemental regarding failure and slipping standards. Nursing Essay You can state any new conclusions you have made from the experiences. IvyPanda. I am keen to motivate my staff by giving them objectives that I feel are appropriate and within their capabilities; this gives them a varied, inspiring work life and will broaden and increase their interests. This process of reflection, if then related into practice, can assist the individual in gaining the required knowledge, leading to a potential improvement in the quality of the care received from that individual.

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