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Our gardening obsessed editors and writers choose every product we review. Dark Green Boston (RMSC) – Held between 70 and 85 days. Preventing lettuce from boltingAncient civilizations cultivated lettuce, which probably originated in the Middle East. It is in the middle of the pack in terms of tip burn. Unfortunately, lettuce prefers to grow in cooler weather. Plants grown in plant growth chambers under short days of eight hours of sunlight at a steady high daytime temperature of 90˚F grew to harvest maturity without bolting. Your email address will not be published. While good production in the summer months requires special attention to production techniques, some varieties of lettuce resist bolting better than others. A Plant’s Prime Objective; Be Fruitful and Multiply That’s not uncommon and can be the result of drought, high temperatures, overcrowding, or other unfavorable growing conditions. A frilly Waldman type, slightly lighter green in color. Gardeners who wish to keep bolting at bay can do so in a number of ways. Lettuce’s penchant to bolt and turn bitter is well known. sigh. Not sure how toget it to stop…. Some cultivars are quicker to bolt than others. of the member-only content library. Container and Pot Sizes: How Much Soil Do I Need. Not as much tip burn as Grand Rapids , but more than others. It is not trash at this point just needs to be treated differently in the kitchen. Romaine needs 70 to 75 days to mature. Nevertheless, heat may be a factor in bolting if high temperatures occur when the plants are nearing maturity. Only one application of Bt was required for an early infestation of alfalfa webworm caterpillars. What causes bitterness in lettuce?Scientists are sure that lettuce turns bitter after bolting. What sensitive gardener would begrudge a vegetable the chance to bloom? To prevent bolting, planting leafy lettuces in the spring and continually harvesting (cutting them back) during the year will likely prevent bolting and provide lettuce leaves for most of the summer. Among the older seed varieties, crisphead lettuces in the romaine or cos group tend to be the slowest to bolt, while looseleaf lettuce tends to be the quickest. Cabbage-like color and texture. 55 days to harvest. Leaf hopper phytoplasm appears to have been the cause for early season disease. Individual beds were pre-irrigated (drip tape) about a week prior to transplanting to germinate weed seed, and then blind cultivated. Marin (JSS) – Holds reliably to 75 days, has relatively less tip burn than others in its class. In its haste to produce flowers, the mutant went from seedling to flower with­out first forming rosette leaves or heading. Copyright © 2020. The green leaf varieties were more uniform in early development, and showed the greatest difference in days to bolting. Some wild lettuce species have higher concentrations of sesquiterpene lactones than domesticated lettuce. Middle of the pack in terms of tip burn. These lettuces might be better suited to whole leaf processing, or grown as baby lettuces. Cabbage color and texture most of the season, better quality late season. These delicious lettuces hold reasonably well, and are harvestable earlier than the other types. Sierra (V) – Very long holding, none has bolted in the trials, good quality, thick and crisp leaves, flea beetle damage outer leaves, Tahoe (V) – Very long holding, none has bolted in the trials, good quality, thick and crisp leaves, flea beetle damage outer leaves. Cold in Tampa.. Pingback: Magic Beans « Pam In The Garden(), Pingback: Weird Lettuce in my Small Kitchen Garden | Your Small Kitchen Garden(), Pingback: Lettuce Be Grateful « the gardener's habit(at)(). A Plant’s Prime Objective; Be Fruitful and Multiply It … If you have chickens they will love the entire plant though. – Thought maybe I over fertilized. Most have heard the term “gone to seed,” but few have heard “bolting.”  Simply put, bolting is when plants begin to go to seed – they start putting all their energy into growing reproductive organs (seeds, flowers, etc). The slower bolting trait I’ve seen was probably selected during breeding. Two Star (JSS) – Similar holding capacity to Green Vision, this variety had the least tip burn. Also, If something is still making leaves but is too bitter, it goes to the rabbits to get turned into fertilizer. Some gardeners even result to digging up their plants and replanting them (often in the same spot); the shock will stop bolting immediately. Prizehead (RMSC) – Best performance is late summer, earlier plantings did not size or hold well. This can affect a large chunk of your garden. They are flavorful and have uniform growth. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to stop bolting on lettuce and other plants. Salad Bowl (RMSC) – Holds very long in the early season, but bolts quickly in the heat. Nevertheless, there are indications that, in addition to total day length, high temperatures can also stimulate bolting in lettuce during later stages of leaf growth. Crisp and Green (JSS) – Held less well than Concept but slightly better than Envy. Next topic: Getting Control of Insects, Weeds, and Diseases - November 19th, 2020 at 7pm, There is no reason to stop gardening in fall. I’ve noticed vegetable seedlings the size of transplants that were deprived and stressed to the point that they sent up a seed stalk and flowered right in their cell-paks on the shelves of the greenhouse. I don’t mind the younger Romaine leaves of bolted plants. Waycott also examined the bolting response in greenhouse experiments, which were started in January, when the days are short, and in July, when the days are long and temperatures sometimes reached 95°F. Leafhoppers were very abundant during the first part of the summer. When lettuce bolts and runs to seed long before the plants mature it’s usually a sign that the plants were stressed in some manner. When lettuce bolts and runs to seed long before the plants mature it’s usually a sign that the plants were stressed in some manner. The red romaines that were grown failed to produce a dense romaine head, but rather had open habits with very large leaves on a stock that tends to stretch as if starting to bolt. Large oval leaves in a loose head habit, attractive green to red. Add the leaves to soup. In this case the romaine lettuce couldn’t produce a lush head of edible leaves for whatever reason, and instead it ran to seed prematurely. My choice would be to remove the bolted romaine lettuce plants from the garden, add them to the compost pile, and to try planting again for fall, or better yet early next spring. Grand Rapids (RMSC) – Similar holding and quality to Crisp and Green. Growing the right type of lettuce in the right way goes a long ways towards preventing them from bolting and going bitter. Dry conditions may also contribute to bolting. The Spruce uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. The good news is that there are various planting techniques to help prevent bolting. Get complete site access to decades of expert advice, regional content, and more, plus the print magazine. There is also interest in the health and nutritional quality of lettuce grown in Colorado, specifically those with darker red pigments. Bolting can be seen in a variety of crops, including beets, cabbage, celery, radicchio, and lettuce, but especially in lettuce. Rouge de Grenoblouse Starting off well and it is hot enough….LOL…41 C (106 F) yesterday here and almost as warm today…. We experienced 26 days above 90°F. If lettuce seedlings are exposed to 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures for several days in a row, they will start forming flower buds, although the flower stalk won't shoot up until the weather warms. You will need to provide supports along with the cover in order to keep the cloth elevated above the plants giving them room to grow. Still taste good, to me, in salads etc. Cumulative light exposure causes boltingThe discovery that lettuce’s transition from vegetative growth to bolting is influenced by cumulative periods of light was first made in Germany in 1931. The crisp texture and good flavor are added bonuses. So if one is going to bolt, they all will. Red Salad Bowl (RMSC) – Holds nearly as well as Bronze Arrow, a similar cut leaf type.

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