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[48] The cancellation of Katana and Justice League of America's Vibe was also announced, with the titles' final publication in December 2013, while Green Team: The Teen Trillionaires would end in January 2014. [160] Among these editorial decisions was a prohibition on having the title character marry her fiancée Maggie Sawyer. Though he may not be able to shrug off special attacks like his Injustice 2 counterpart, Superman's threat level increases the longer he keeps fighting, as his passive boosts his basic attacks as long as Superman gains power and allows him to take less damage with every Justice League teammate. [70] It was revealed that July 2014's variant theme would be Batman's 75th anniversary, with 21 publications featuring "Batman 75" themes. Supervillains, gods, and monsters all fell before his might and while Superman has never had the deepest bench of great villains in comics, he faced a lot of powerful and interesting threats over the years. [44][45] In August 2013, it was announced that Justice League 3000's initial publication would be delayed to December 2013, following creative changes on the title. They're completely complimentary- she's loud and brash with the brains to back it all up, as human as can be, and he's quiet and self assured, a god moving among mortals. Aside from that, and a few pages of questionable art I really liked this story. ", "3D VILLAINS MONTH Covers Sell-Out, $2.99 2D Covers Shipping Same Day", "DC Comics' FULL September 2013 Solicitations ... REALLY", "Geoff Johns Reveals the True Villains Behind Forever Evil", "DC Comics' FULL October 2013 Solicitations", "What's New In The New 52: Announcing FOREVER EVIL: BLIGHT", "Zero Week EXCLUSIVE: 'Batman: Zero Year' event in November", "BATMAN'S MYTHOLOGY GETTING NEW BOOST FROM DC", "BATWOMAN's New Creative Team Starts with November's #25", "Back To Square Zero: 'Batman' Group Editor Mike Marts Reveals 'Zero Year' Tie-Ins [EXCLUSIVE]", "Batman: The Zero Year Will Tie Into The Flash, Action Comics, Green Lantern Corps, More", "EXCLUSIVE: GIFFEN, DEMATTEIS & MAGUIRE REUNITE FOR "JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000, "DC Comics Announces Superman/Wonder Woman", "CCI EXCLUSIVE: Conner & Palmiotti Launch "Harley Quinn" Monthly", "SDCC: DiDio and Lee Head DC's Meet The Co-Publishers", "HOWARD PORTER Named New JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000 Artist, Debut Bumped to December", "Batman springs 'Eternal' in 2014 with new weekly series", "DC Comics Full April 2014 Solicitations", "Superman Unchained Skips January; Vibe, Katana Ending", "EXCLUSIVE: DC Comics Get Scribblenauts Variant Covers in January", "Exclusive Interview: Marguerite Bennett on LOIS LANE One-Shot & JOKER'S DAUGHTER One-Shot", "EXCLUSIVE: Steampunk Variants Coming to DC Comics in February", "Geoff Johns Redux: 'Big Changes' in Forever Evil Leads to a 'Very Different DCU, "DC Readies Weekly Weekly Series, 'Futures End' for Spring", "DC Comics FULL March 2013 Solicitations", "DC's March Titles Get The Robot Chicken Treatment", "DC Celebrates April With New MAD Magazine Variants", "DC Celebrates Batman '66 in May with Variant Covers by Mike Allred", "DC's September 2014 Event Revealed, 3D Covers Return", "DC To Launch Third Weekly Series in October", "Exclusive: DC Comics Unveils Earth 2: World's End Weekly Series", "DC covers go retro with Bombshell pinup variants", "DC Announces Harley Quinn Comic-Con One-Shot; Star-Spangled War Stories Ongoing", "DC Comics to Launch New Suicide Squad #1 in July", "DC's Teen Titans Returns, Relaunches in July with New Roster", "Batman's sidekick leaves the cave for 'Grayson' comic", "NY Daily News Reveals Batman 75 July Variant Cover Theme Month", "EXCLUSIVE: Morrison, DC Unleash "The Multiversity" in August", "DC Comics Full August 2014 Solicitations", "EXCLUSIVE: DC Comics Celebrates Selfies with August Variant Covers", "DC Comics Launches Two Surprising Batman New 52 Series in October", "Exclusive: 'Arrow' Bad Guy Deathstroke Gets A New Ongoing Series From DC Comics", "First Details On DC's Klarion The Witch Boy Comic And All-New Catwoman", "Exclusive: Lobo Meets 'Faux-bo' in New Ongoing by Bunn & Brown", "Trinity Of Sin Launches in October as DC, DeMatteis Explore Question(s)", "Decoding Convergence With Jeff King: The Finale", "EXCLUSIVE: GEOFF JOHNS DETAILS "REBIRTH" PLAN, SEEKS TO RESTORE LEGACY TO DC UNIVERSE", "DC Reveals Full Rebirth Line-Up, New Titles", "The Dark Knight Returns' Carrie Kelley is Back", "Spoiler Alert: Girl Power Rules in Batman #28's Revealed Future", "DIDIO, LEE Say DCnU SUPERMAN Changes Make Him "Accessible, "DC Comics–The New 52 Group Solicits (October 2013)", "Wildstorm and DC Integrate in 'The Edge,' 'Blue Beetle' and 'Suicide Squad' Announced [Updated]", "A new Swamp Thing, a new Frankenstein, and more: DC Comics will roll out more new #1s", "DC Comics Announces 'Justice League Dark,' 'Swamp Thing,' 'Animal Man,' and More", "DC Reveals Major Changes, New Direction For Comic Book Line", "LEE & DIDIO CALL JUNE LAUNCHES "FIRST OF MANY STEPS" IN BUILDING THE "NEW" DC COMICS", "DC COMICS ANNOUNCES DC YOU, HIGHLIGHTING CHARACTER, STORY & CREATOR DIVERSITY", "JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 and another full week of DC Comics-The New 52 comic books are going back to press", "Diamond Announces Top-Selling Comic Books and Graphic Novels For Year 2011", "DC's victory over Marvel was bigger than Diamond figures show — UPDATED", "We Don't Know How Big DC's September Sales Victory Over Marvel Is", "Marvel Takes Back Marketshare Lead From DC Comics In December 2011", "Comic Book Sales Figures for September 2013", "Comic Book Sales Figures for January 2014", "Why You Should Bet on DC in the Comic Book Horse Race", "The New DC 52, Week 5 (Aquaman, Superman, All-Star Western, and more)", "So Far, Sales for New DC Comics Are Super", "Superman and Batman lead the charge of the "new" DC Comics", "The New DC 52, Week 1 (Flashpoint #5 and Justice League)", "The New DC 52, Week 4 (Wonder Woman, Batman, Catwoman and more)", "The New DC 52, Week 2 (Action Comics, Detective Comics, Swamp Thing and more)", "The New DC 52, Week 3 (Green Lantern, Batwoman, Frankenstein, Agent Of S.H.A.D.E.

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