thanos vs odin who would win

Under this concept, I suppose Odin would win, lol. @deltahuman: the most powerful weapon made only means that it can house more power and do more shit (like summon bifrost). If there are more feats and less assumptions about Odin from your end, I'll agree. 3. May the Fourth be with you –Everybody Get Up And Enjoy It Is Star Wars Day! Eru from LOTR vs. the three marvel gods, who are at their absolute full power. He can't fly, has no combat speed or skill feats, no durability feats and no battle applicable hax. He must have defeated her by trickery or by BFRing her. We have no idea how Odin defeated Surtur, as it could have been some plan that involved his Asgardian army. Strange countered the stone's effects with hax and magic skill, Odin can fight like this to win. Here’s an analysis of the powers of Thanos and Odin in order to determine who would be victorious in a duel. 0. Thanos razed thousands of worlds in his thousand year lifespan. Eru is the equivalent (respective the their mythologies) to OAA or the Presence. Hela is simply better than him. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Jotunheim was screwed ever since Odin took their power source. Obviously if Odin is as big a threat as hes hyped to be Thanos isnt going to mess about and will actually use the Power Gem properly and kill him. He probably weakened her by defeating her, then he locked her up because killing such a viscious creature was the only other option. Makes sense since Odin didn't face Hela in combat, he sent the Valkyries despite knowing they stood no chance. Just assuming Odin is physically stronger than her is just that, an assumption. Similarly, there's absolutely no way to know how Odin defeated Surtur and what was Surtur's state when Odin confronted him. But even if he does it'll be very close. The Powerstone can eventually overwhelm Odin, as it's an infinity stone but Odin doesn't necessarily have to counter it in raw power. Gungir vaporised Frost giants instantly. He was considered a Deviant, a natural-born enemy of the Eternals that populate Titan. But nonetheless i believe she is stronger for the reasons and breakdown of the feats i gave using Thor for reference. Hard to tell. He could reveal the aether/lifeform under Jane Foster's skin. The statement about him being the most powerful being in the universe comes to mind. Odin would win when neither are used easily, but gauntlet is too powerful even though odin would normally beat his ass. Comment. However. Odin just yanked them off casually, this could be hax but it looks like he applied force in a show of rage so he could be that strong even in his old age. Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Thanos: Who Would Win? Cookies help us deliver our Services. I don't see Thanos taking Odin on really. Holland Reveals An Important Information About Back To The Future, New Leaks Come From The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Alison Brie To Be Considered For The Role Of She Hulk, 26 Greatest Thanos Quotes From The Marvel Cinematic Universe And Comic Books, Another Photo Released From Jurassic World Sets, Simon Reveals About His Pitch About A Superhero, Hawaii Five-0 To Bid Goodbye After 10 Years.

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