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Outstanding service - timely, professional. I will suggest the team of Patrick and Kaitlyn and the team all behind the scenes to everyone i come across in need of this type of advice and help. These campaigns allow startups to make a predetermined portion of the company available in exchange for capital. Back in 2015 I was contacted by Fundable, I will say they sang a good song. Our profile allowed our business to recruit new talent, and create awareness during our raise. The design team did an awesome job with the copy and graphics and overall layout of the campaign and were helpful in making sure all of the small details were taken care of before going live. Platform Page Creation: for clients looking for an expedited service option, Fundable also provides a less hands-on approach for clients that are working with a tight timeframe. With an Equity campaign, all commitments are processed offline after the close of fundraise. 1) Wow! We haven't got a chance to work with other Fundable's experts but I believe they all are great as well. All I can say about Patrick G, Mark M, and the Fundable team are two things. Waste of money and this, unfortunately, seems to be a scam or just company that is able to get enough people to pay and sustain their presence. This model type is most effective for funding goals of more than $50,000 by companies looking for larger sums of operating capital to move their business forward. A customer can't ask for much better than that, in my opinion. ), -  Fraud and Identity Theft Recovery ebook, Check YES! Although some crowdfunding sites for startups don't charge monthly fees, they charge completion fees and non-completion fees. above to add this special offer to your order now for just. We've used a single product, available in one size and only one color, to provide a solid proof of concept with $100K in sales. They took advantage of a startup and it hurt my company for months as those funds could of better of been used else where. Tim Chatfield. Colin's experience with funding is impressive, Kaitlyn is always there to make the changes I need, they are always responsive. highly recommend them. Fundable has been incredibly helpful in every way! Especially with Patrick, he kept us up to date on the work they were doing and the results were awesome. Fundable charges users a flat fee of $179 per month to create and manage a fundraising campaign via their DIY route. It was great working with them. The process was incredibly fast and to the point of what we needed to achieve what we were seeking. All Rights Reserved. The team is organized, thorough and professional. As a consultant I have recommended Fundable to three clients. So now the “approval” power shifted as well. The company focuses on deal presentation, investor identification, and outreach. The Fundable team did exceeded my expectations, and did a fantastic job. Would definitely recommend them for any fundraising campaigns. However, because of the team's timely attention to our requests and needs, it isn't too much of an issue. There is no minimum or maximum duration for fundraising with Fundable. Lenders have changed how they approve you. Fundable helped us navigate the complex experience of venture funding. The profile views are probably fake and their investor base is non-existent ....literally no requests after several months at all having been features and sent out on their newsletter. Companies using Fundable are able to host their fundraiser under three different campaign formats: Equity, Convertible Debt, or straight Debt. Fundable has helped thousands of founders raise in excess of $440 million in investment capital. I decided to spend the $2,499 to work with Fundable and it was 100% worth it. For Rewards-based campaigns, funding is by credit card using a third party processor called WePay, requiring a fee of 3.5% + 30¢ per transaction. Fundable does not have a specific cap or maximum amount of how much you can raise. Stay away! These options allow founders to choose which model will work best for their specific fundraising needs. Like the Accelerator above, clients work with a dedicated consultant, via one onboarding call, to get their opportunity ready to be launched on the platform. They also have a full suite of business products and services start-ups can utilize to grow quickly post funding. -  Audio Book of The New F* Word (read by Merrill Chandler! Fundable takes no part in the negotiation or execution of transactions for the purchase or sale of securities, and at no time has possession of funds or securities. Our team at Fundable was masterful in illustrating our vision and creating a pitch deck that we are proud to present. For beginners particularly, they also offer a suite of other services from Biz plan building to PR. The platform helped us raise capital and gave us exposure to a network of investors we wouldn't have otherwise been able to access. Very well ran company Very considerate and attentive to all the details along the process. They boiled down all our big ideas into a formulaic, yet unique story-line. ICM Hub Inc. Conversational AI for airlines to create contactless travel in-flight. Fundable put together an excellent campaign for my startup. More important, their services are much greater than just a funding outlet. 2) Mind blown. Privacy Policy | Terms | Do Not Sell My Personal Information. I admittedly was skeptical of Fundable at first, the price seemed far to low for the deliverable. We have a solid platform and interest from investors and accelrators from our own efforts outside of the platform. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Louis Helm and is located at 2002a Guadalupe Street #170, Austin, TX 78705. At the conclusion of the strategy sessions, a Fundable profile page is created, allowing clients to host their raise while still being serviced by Fundable’s consulting team. Fundable was a great crowdfunding choice, they were really helpful and we got to what we needed very fast thanks to them. The Floating Mug Company is on the cusp of launching the next significant innovation in drinkware since the "double-wall" glass. Kevin & Kaitlyn are a class act. they are professional, very intelligent at what they do, and take incredible care of your business needs and questions even before you know that you have them. Fundable also provides a rewards campaign platform for founders that are looking to raise funds for their business on a smaller scale from consumers. The investor list is just scrapped from Crunchbase and likely will get no responses from the so-called emails of investors they sent over. Featured Companies on Fundable. The onboarding process was easy and the staff was very attentive to making changes to my profile quickly when I needed them made. Don't let you access your billing info and basically keep your card on file and keep charging you. Our Fundable point of contacts were Mr. Patrick G and Ms. Kaitlyn W. Pat guided through the process thoroughly and addressed all our questions and concerns with precision. Thanks again! Pricing is not prorated. Easy to work with--excellent in creating pitch decks--lots of extra help throughout the process--with investors I called and asked for a refund which they declined. Administrative assistance from Fundable comes in the following ways: Fundable only uses an "all or nothing" fundraising approach for the Rewards raise model. They really took the time to conduct a comprehensive interview, listen to our story and meet our detailed requests and revisions with no push back...just results. Income and Result Disclaimer While the results stated on this website are real results, they are not typical and in no way represent a claim by The Fundable Company that you will receive identical results. Over the years, we have learned that they have a much better understanding of how to convey our company than we do! In our opinion, the fundable team was very professional and helpful in launching our campaign. Since I already had most of my presentation artwork, we were ready to "go live" in about two weeks. Not saying it didn't become a staple of my community though that was not by any help of Fundable. I always try to work with the best people I can find and I was completely satisfied with the team at Fundable. FUNDED. What a refreshing surprise. I closed a $1.3M seed round the first time for, and I closed another $500k about 18 months later for Camp Native. Everyone in customer service, graphics/design department, and the business side have been very responsive and amenable to all of my requests. Thank you so very much and anyone thinking of getting an investor profile drawn up, you will get more value than what you pay for, as well as a team of very nice, open-minded folk who are great at what they do. In the investment world it is always hard as a business to select the correct method to raise funds from investors to your business and what Fundable does is bridge that gap in a highly professional manner. With many help aids available and a team with loads of personal practice and wisdom, Fundable is likely to deliver a positive, successful experience for its customers. We have used many other vendors to provide individual parts of the overall service that Fundable provides. Sincerely, Justin Pickering. At Fundable, the goal is to remove some of the critical obstacles that typical founders face when fundraising. Multiple autonomous systems. CleanRobotics. No securities transactions are executed or negotiated on or through the Fundable platform. Thanks! Fundable has been great in getting us organized and on track for fundraising. Funding Accelerator: designed to equip founders with the right knowledge and the best resources to tackle their raise with newfound confidence, the Funding Accelerator provides clients with a dedicated consultant that works with clients across every step of the process -- helping them level set, stay on track, and reach their desired fundraising goals. All rights reserved. At the end of the Rewards campaign, all funds are automatically collected and transferred to the customer's business bank account. Fundable's team takes a very hands-on, step-by-step approach from profile creation to marketing to help companies understand the fundraising process and launch their funding campaigns. Once the process started with Fundable, I felt that very good professionals are taking care of my business plan. I can honestly say that none of them did their part as well, as quickly and as inexpensively as Fundable. Mind you in those early months my company did not have a lot of resources and I could not spare that money as I stated to there rep. The flat fee gives startups and businesses a solid figure of what they will pay, and the lack of fundraising deadlines makes the process flexible. After my profile went live I had to continuously ask for the list of the investors and media contacts which was included in the package, I figured at least being able to email decks to investors would work.

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