trigon vs galactus death battle

The coming of Galactus literally changed the world of comics. We suspected the watcher was almost as powerful in a pacific way, but that's pretty much all. You were right about them calling upon Cyttorak, they do so a lot. Galactus. Regardless of whether it is or not, team DC wins this. Well, I got the Teen Titans breaking my face twice during the eighties and a number of times since". Galactus is own by Marvel. When was it stated Galactus was an omniversal threat? 0. You were right about them calling upon … Let's just have the actual Death Battle handle this stuff. galactus is fully fed but the battle takes place in trigons realm, Galactus Dies /.. No matter what Trigon has the bigger and better Feats. Comments 25. Strange technically did with some power ups. Strength. They have a chance to win also in a neutral universe depending on what supports Shuma has. Just using an example of oneof galactus's good feats. DEATH BATTLE Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Trigons Realm would suffer as well. @emperorthanos-@juiceboks: I would say it's honestly a mismatch, so requesting lock. The Juggernaut Caine Marco simply does not know how to apply his power to good effect. Good point, he and darkseid fought and the only reason darkseid didn't die was darkseid cheated and made the planet worthless, Yeah less damage than a Michael bay film though. Maybe the Dark Dimension would help but idk, I give it to Trigon. Dont think Galactus has UN with him, with that he would win. Trigon is a Universal Threat. He would probably just wipe out an avatar and that same avatar will just come back. Speed. Trigon vs Dormammu as that could be argued. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The problem with that logic is that Trigon actually has very, very few appearances. He is the brother of Eternity, Infinity, Death and Oblivion. Technically Shuma Gorath does not have infinite power. Big G pulls out the ultimate nullifier on Triggs ass.......... @ebuchanan: Question, what is the greatest tanking feat Galactus has? I mean Galactus has some pretty low showings, but this is fully fed, so we're going off his highest showings. Trigon vs Galactus. Even without the UN him at his best could probably take this, I'm going with Galactus. 2.) DAM: Unicron, the Lord of Chaos. im really not sure ive been a long time marvel fanboy but in all that time the only dc comics i read were teen titans so i am fimiliar with trigon as well, ok so trigon conquered his dimension by age 30 galactus devours planets : trigon, trigon got his ass handed to him by the teen titans galactus was defeated by no such pitiful beings :galactus, immense size check amazing power check worshippers check, i really don know but... im gonna have to say trigon because hes proven to have the power to quanqer a planet by age 6 and an entire dimesion by age 30. Kids beat trigon. Image size. discussion over. I would say it's honestly a mismatch, so requesting lock. Reed Richards used the UN to erase the Multiversal body of Eternity in order to destroy Abraxas. 1.) And Dorm is a servant of Shuma-Gorath, should that tell where I think this is going. Already a deviant? I don't want another argument that goes on and on. Marvel team: Surtur with Twilight Sword, Dormammu & Fully fed Galactus. 9/27/2020. Dormammu and Shuma-Gorath and Trigon all conquer universes for funzies. So did Surtur, but an angry Galactus who had just recently absorbed all the cosmic energy from Annihilus ship, in Annihilation 06 only manged to destroy 3 star system (and a Galaxy billions times more starts than that), or in the recent run of Eternals Tiamut saying he has the power to destroy good part of the solor system (presumably with one blast), and we know full well Galactus and Tiamut where always written to be more powerful than Odin or Surtur, thats because they were surrounded by hyperboles. Overused, and sometimes for the worst? feel free to start a new thread to debate on Cyttorak vs. Shuma Gorath. Comics. What? Also, a thing to note is that Strange is no where near the power to actually beat Dormammu, and has to result to mind tricks and "cheats" to beat him. SHDb; uStats; Intelligence . Galactus would be dead before he knew to feed on Trigon's realm. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The Ultimate Nullifier erases things on all planes of reality. Given that the UN is stronger the more mental fortitude its wielder has, and that Galactus is obviously above Reed in that regard, Galactus should definitely be capable of replicating that feat. Galactus: Barely defeated by Earth's Mightiest Heroes which is pretty much every single Marvel Hero coming at Him all at once. Not sure if that supports much. The reason why recent readers have the feeling that Galactus is not that powerful, is because once or twice per decade, they let a writer or an other have his character hit/slow down/weaken the big guy just to promote said character or make him look more important than he his, but anyone who's been reading Marvel for more than 20 years know how central and unique Galactus is. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Marvel Surtur, Dormammu and Galactus what Level threat ? oh sh!t, fully fed Galactus? It really doesn't look classy on a major demon's resume: "What are your qualifications as a cosmic being? i swear i didn't see that port before, if anything i would actually say Galactus, because i believe the black Celestial arch is the closes we've seen to him being fully fed, which actually made him an omniversal threat, and to add, what's stop stop Galactus from Draining Trigon's realm like he did Mephisto's? Join the community to add your comment. As mention Galactus asorbing the entire Universe (Fully Fed) is a Omniversal Threat. I'm not going to argue about this constantly, I just picked a side and sticking with it, and nothing can shoot it down. Okay then so he never truly did anything to Eternity. Full Fed Galactus vs New-52 Anti-Monitor since Anti-Monitor is far weaker then his COIE counterpart as far as I know. By DC cannon, not always adhered to, Trigon’s only real weakness is Raven as she was created with Trigon’s core e. Continue Reading. Why are all y'all down playing Trigon he has some pretty impressive showings, You're over playing Cyttorak every demon has impressive feet in that realm except mephisto. DEATH BATTLE Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Then he returned in a not very grand fashion in Titans...and thats pretty much all of his appearances outside of flashbacks. No. morals of. Just sheer obliteration. When has he done this? We don't know what Dormammu would be capable in an alternate reality where Strange or the Avengers didn't exist. Trigon it takes place in his realm he will curbstomp galactus. episode of DEATH BATTLE! Team DC mid-diff with only Dormammu as a problem. Pretty sure a fully fed Galactus is nigh omnipotent. JavaScript is disabled. If you read the panels. Superhero battle match: Trigon versus Galactus. 0. Um, except it clearly has, meaning that you yourself likely haven't done enough research on the subject. 4. 0. Death Battle! Surtr vs Nekron because no matter who you put Surtr against it’s a god stomp against Surtr. Trigon destroyed a galacy when he was nine. Fair point. Galactus: Barely defeated by Earth's Mightiest Heroes which is pretty much every single Marvel Hero coming at Him all at once. It's also very stubborn and unreasonable to just stick to a side despite there being evidence pointing otherwise and you don't even refute the feats given. To the best of my knowledge Watcher has fought Galactus twice and lost both time (non-cannon, what if issues), so i dont think Watcher were ever made to me more powerful than Galactus. Then he sweeps and wins all rounds unless there is a universal characters holding him back and someone else banishing him. The two begin to fight, but The Spectre steps in, revealing that it was Mr. Mxyzptlk all along. Someone has to summon Shuma Gorath and when he is summoned if it is not too late it is possible to banish him via the place he was summoned from with the correct know how. Anti-Monitor destroys his very existence. Galactus. Galactus VS Trigon is a What-If? And whether it's him fighting the In-Betweener, or the Tyrant, they are pretty strong! Then Nightmare is mostly going to be an annoying character but not a win maker. Trigon: Barely defeated by a group of Teenaged Heroes that weren't even the greatest and most powerful Heroes on the Planet. Galactus is overrated plain and simple. DC team: Trigon, Anti-Monitor and Nekron. The Imp of the 5th Dimension vs The King of Hell, these two powerhouses going toe to toe is something we'd never think we'd see. Harry: They are two of the most powerful beings in all of fiction, and everyone wants to know who would beat who, In this climatic and most requested fight ever. The only thing is, old comics are filled with hyperbole. anyway, he beats trigon. fight to death Galactus has taken on Celestials (he devoured one while it was sleeping...), Thanos dropped a planet lined with nuclear explosives along the impact point onto him, and he still survived. The Doctor: And Galactus, the Great Destroyer. Thats it. Petty, I know, but I really don't have any further arguments. Not to mention the fact that it would unleash Abraxas on all realities. galactus is fully fed but the battle takes place in trigons realm. I dont think Galactus's power level has ever changed, he's looked as powerful as ever. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. we have no idea what's the relationship between all of them. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. That's not going to change what side I'm taking. After Batman imprisons Raven, Trigon approaches Superman, thinking he has hurt his daughter. All the other matches are pretty much spite in favor of DC. Marvel team: Surtur with Twilight Sword, Dormammu & Fully fed Galactus.vs.DC team: Trigon, Anti-Monitor and Nekron.Death Battle.Round one 1v1.Roun While I don't know much about Trigon, I've noticed that the general consensus is that Dormammu wins, but it is no stomp. This. Both Dormammu and Eternity made their appearance before Galactus . Harry: He's The Doctor, that over there is DAM and I'm Harry. People who are not much into comics and have just recently started up on it, dont know how Eternity is, let alone Order/ Chaos or Love / Hate, so he gets overused. Trigon vs. Shuma gorath vs the beasts fate go Thread starter ... in a neutral world because the Galactus engine is a thing which means Galactus got beat by the Multi-Angled ones and Galactus was having a cosmic battle with it supported by other cosmic entities and could not put his attention anywhere else. When Nightmare(and an empowered Juggernaut) got uppity, Eternity squished them.

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