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Why not wed on a sailboat, yacht, riverboat or ferry! That makes them an ideal setup in the world of unconventional wedding venues. 9 Unique and Unconventional Wedding Venues in the City These days, all weddings seem to include twinkle lights, beachside vows, and mason jars. The beach can be a great backdrop for any wedding, with its natural beauty, balmy breeze and sparkling waves. What Is a "Change-the-Date" and Why Is It Relevant Now. Dismiss. Feeling like portraying Tarzan and Jane? Love the theater but want to get married outside? Plan a rustic, outdoors-inspired wedding weekend full of fun activities like group hikes and big meals (and s'mores) around a campfire. This leads to an uber-hip industrial vibe (think brick walls, thick wooden beams and exposed steel). M & T Stadium in Baltimore, for instance, can accommodate 500 guests for an indoor ceremony and up to 1,000 if you choose to hold the event outdoors. You could do an art museum and say your vows surrounded by beautiful masterpieces. If being in front of the screen at a movie theater doesn’t make you the center of attention enough, see if your town has a theater-in-the-round. You don’t have to dress up like the two (unless it’s a themed wedding). 6. Then, outta nowhere, you get invited to hear “I do” somewhere totally out of the box, like the middle of the woods, or underwater . Your guests will love it, and your photographer will be thankful for the changing backgrounds throughout the day. Besides lots of beautiful blooms, of course, many gardens have pretty fountains, tree-lined paths, perfectly manicured flower beds or an ethereal greenhouse where you can have both the ceremony and reception. Depending on your locale, this might mean renting the space from the hotel or restaurant that has rights to that strip of beach, but the cost can often be worth the privacy! Another case is that of UK Radio Presenter Steve Hewlett. Campuses provide a vintage vibe, which is perfect for childhood sweethearts or high school lovers finally tying the knot. April 10, 2015; 5 minute read; VIBE Team; Total. Wedding Venues in Washington for a Rustic Wedding Find a rustic wedding venue in Washington. Take advantage of built-in guest entertainment and ask if the staff can provide guided tours or open certain exhibits for people to explore during cocktail hour. But you can try booking the Heritage Prairie Farm in Illinois or The Farm at Dover situated in Wisconsin. If an elopement is more your style, check out the best places to elope in the, Want to get married like Hollywood's elite? Your passions and common interests are part of what brought you together, so why not include that element in your special day? A combination of rustic barn, industrial warehouse and homely living room, you won’t … If you and your partner share a love of sports, consider renting your favorite team’s field or court for your ceremony. We’re not talking about a tiny, unlit tunnel, here. Inspired by these off-the-beaten-path locations? If you and your partner are the trail-blazers of your group, you’ll likely be drawn to the newest, most trendy locales. Other great ways to share your love for adventure with your wedding guests might include a mountaintop venue, a waterfall backdrop, or even a treehouse weekend! Refer to this list if you’re ready to break conventions and choose an unconventional wedding venue! Discover More Unconventional Wedding Venues. We wouldn’t have believed that a wedding in a cave was suitable for anyone but orcs and goblins. Wedding venues are popping up all across the country in converted buildings, such as former warehouses, monasteries, factories and even airplane hangars, which can be rented out for parties. For couples who love nature, animals and the great outdoors, a wedding surrounded by your favorite aspects of nature just makes sense. We’re willing to bet that when most of you hear “bowling alley,” you don’t think “romance.” That makes it one of the most unconventional wedding venues out there! Didn’t think about using a school? 9. These spaces may not seem right for a wedding at first blush, but they’re frequently easier to book and less expensive, and with the right planning can be a perfect place to say your vows. We’re talking something like Ruby Falls in Tennessee, or Carlsbad Caverns; something huge and well-lit. City Hall. For other great historic venues, think about a museum, historic building, or even a local historic library. Better yet, prepare a plan B if an underwater ceremony suddenly becomes improbable. Why? That’s because, with the right planning, your backdrop would be a stunning cityscape. Your passions and common interests are part of what brought you together, so why not include that element in your special day? Theaters almost always offer refreshments during productions, including adult beverages, so most will already have a liquor license and the ability for a bar setup. Furthermore, the space for reception has a maximum capacity of 1,500 persons.

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