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Willing is a good man, but Able is a better one. He also told us of the slave uprising that happened. From St. Thomas, Virgin Islands: My Grannie had a number of West Indian sayings she liked to use: "Fisherman know everyday is fishing day, but not everyday is catching day." I did have some troubles with swallowing sea water every so often and that was nasty. It totally reminded me of skiing on black diamonds where you just have to leap out in faith and trust that there is going to be something under your feet. (Virgin Islander Proverb) The bucket goes down the well every day -- some day it won't come up again. This cool tree with lights was above our table. So we decided to try to get some rest in the airport. We don't drink alcohol and so that naturally saved us a lot of money, because even though they said it was cheap on the island it didn't look cheap to me. I think you are so right that some people just have a sense of direction and others don't. I hope you figure out a fun and frugal place to celebrate as well!Abbi. Then to figure out what to do next. There are tons of public transportation options (taxis, buses) available in St. Thomas but I have heard they can be scary too. So we found some fairly comfortable chairs in the baggage claim area. How wonderful that you and Ken were able to go!I enjoyed the whole post, but I must say the part about getting church directions was just too funny. :-). Hi! Definition: "I agree," i.e. We picked up our car and then the adventure began! I have found it super helpful when I plan trips to check out what other bloggers say about places (it seems to much more authentic to hear their thoughts rather than to look at a marketing website) and so I am hoping to make this post useful in that same way. Last Minute Hotels in British Virgin Islands, Romantic Hotels in British Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands Hotels with Free Parking, Pet Friendly Hotels in British Virgin Islands, Romantic Resorts in British Virgin Islands, Resorts on the Ocean in British Virgin Islands, Wedding Resorts in British Virgin Islands, Charming Hotels in British Virgin Islands, Hotels with Private Beach in British Virgin Islands, Hotels with Villas in British Virgin Islands. (Virgin Islander Proverb) No matter how fast moonlight runs, daylight catches up. I love flowers and had wanted to pick a bouquet while I was there. We settled in, got some showers and then headed out to eat supper at ". You can lock your door from a thief, but not from a damned liar. Virgin Islanders tend to be fairly reserved people, however if you make an effort to be friendly to them, you will find them to be very friendly back. say instead "All is well?". The Caribbean islands look so beautiful- but it is hard to know where to go. After a while my stomach felt a little off from the saltwater so I took a break but I think Ken may have been out there for hours. "Cockroach no have business in a fowl house." They made some phone calls and ended up patting me down and going over my waistpack as well but in the end they let me have everything and we had plenty of time and I was on my way. That was easier said than done. When we got there we got in line to drop of our checked bag only to have the people in front of us tell us our flight was cancelled because of the weather. ..... Congratulations on your many years of marriage and may the Lord give you many more! – a common insult Wife – sex (the act - past, present or future) Bull – to engage in sexual intercourse Bun rice – to pick one's underwear out from between one's buttocks Well sah! They gave us $341.22 back just leaving us paying $189.22 for the trip back. At one point we came to a place in the already narrow road where half of it had washed away down the hillside. I truly enjoyed it:) Plus our 25th is in March of next year and we are already trying to decide where we will go. Both Ken and I really enjoy maps with Ken probably the best at really knowing how to follow them well. When we got to the driveway for the apartment we didn't know if we could do it. After supper we made our way down into town and found a. If you do not take time to greet people in this way (e.g. A Ministry Committed to Helping the Underserved . I really enjoyed reading about your vacation. ), "How to enjoy your life and your job" by Dale Carnegie (Fun and encouraging), "And the angels were silent" by Max Lucado (Read), "A shepherd looks at Ps. This wasn't going to be to bad. I wondered if we would make it but we did. (Virgin Islander Proverb) Willing is a good man, but Able is a better one. Our community is a manifestation of love for our brothers and sisters. God provides. It didn't seem worth it. We arrived in St. Thomas at around 3:30 pm - 2 hours earlier than we had planned to arrive with Spirit (we were going to have a long layover in Fort Lauderdale). Also, as I am trying to not create trash this year I will share some of how that went while traveling and some of my tips for traveling lightly. Our Anniversary is December 18th and usually we do something to celebrate and usually it does include a night or so away. Catholic Charities Virgin Islands is a faith-based nonprofit that focuses on assisting the homeless. Horrible roads along with Ken learning to drive on the left side made this trip quite interesting. It was such a steep drop down that we had no idea if there was anything in front of us or not. So Ken did and right away from the car rental place the GPS started taking us on steep, narrow back streets (though in general most roads are steep and narrow). An empty sack can't stand up; a full sack cannot bend. When we finally got to the restaurant we had no reception on our cell phones and I ended up having to ask to use the phone in the restaurant so that our host could come meet us. I knew my friend Lyndi is great at finding deals on airline flights and so I asked about some of her tricks. I am just grateful that we had the money. The view was super cool! Find 4 Proverbs York in British Virgin Islands. Get contact details, reviews, and more. Please take this into account when making your A Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole. I plan on sharing locations we went to, what we liked or not, various tips and how much we spent. There were fish in all sorts of colors. Our Airbnb host had told Ken to put a restaurant as the destination on his GPS as it doesn't really work to put in a specific address - as they don't follow addresses for the most part and they don't have hardly any street signs. It was also brightly lit and loud music was playing and I was nerved up a bit so resting did not really happen. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this detailed account of your trip. In my goal to create as little trash as possible and to save money I had packed some food to take with us. Please note that the discussion was closed to any additional postings as of Nov 1, 2016 That has gotten trickier as our lives have gotten busier and so in recent years we have tended to visit about it more. The bucket goes down the well every day -- some day it won't come up again. Thank you, Brenda!

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